We know what RSS is but do we know what we are?

However, when we enter a conversation about politics, that’s when you can clearly see why we’re at a precipice.

Partly because the opposition, whether as a whole or as individual units, is too caught up in personal egos and local gains to confront the might of the RSS and BJP.

And partly because we ourselves give the RSS-BJP as many outlets and excuses as they themselves offer.

The precipice is real. The journey into the abyss is inadmissible.

And yet here we go.

Because we cannot go out and call Hindu supremacist thought for what it is. We celebrate pieces of their ideas that work for us. We find it so easy to ignore the big picture. The people who died were other people. We are proud to talk nonsense.

That a rich millennial civilization is steeped in inferiority is not because no one has told us about our wealth before. It’s obviously because some of us agreed to believe the lies the RSS told us. And because we believe these lies, we find the spectacle of a prancing Prime Minister in a very proud suit. If Narendra Modi kisses a foreign politician, it’s a matter of pride. If he gives a speech, it’s a matter of pride. If he takes a plane trip, it’s a matter of pride.

Is this our collective idiocy or just a manifestation of our collective hatred for everything the RSS hates?

The RSS tried to destroy the Taj Mahal, because it was built by a Mughal emperor, because it is a much loved symbol of India across the world. The RSS cannot boast as it is not a symbol of Hindu supremacy.

The decision to destroy the Taj was not a distraction.

Just as the destruction of the economy was not destruction.

Together, they are tools to destroy us. Destroy India. And destroy our democracy.

They won’t stop unless we stop them.

RSS is what it is.

What are we?

(The writer is a columnist based in Dehradun. Views are personal.)

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