Trek & World Bicycle Relief raise $1.8 million to support communities in underserved areas

Trek and World Bicycle Relief have raised over $1.8 million in a joint campaign to benefit communities in remote and underserved areas.

In November and December 2021, Trek and World Bicycle Relief solicited donations to provide bicycles to people in the African and South American countries in which World Bicycle Relief works, including Zambia, Kenya, Colombia and the Zimbabwe. As part of the campaign, Trek also matched donations of up to $500,000, and through more than 7,000 donations, a total of $1,818,918 was raised.

With this money, World Bicycle Relief will be able to provide more than 11,000 bicycles to students, health workers, farmers and entrepreneurs in rural countries.

Trek and Trek retailers have been valued partners since our organization was founded in 2005, playing a key role in the product development process that resulted in the Buffalo bike. Together, we are excited to bring hope on two wheels and continue to help individuals and communities thrive. Dave Neiswander, CEO of World Bicycle Relief

great quotes I’m very proud of the Trek family for reaching our goal and raising $1.8 million for World Bicycle Relief. World Bicycle Relief is a great organization, and this is a significant amount of money that will change the lives of over 11,000 families. President of Trek Bicycle, John Burke

You can read more about the work of World Bicycle Relief here.

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