Top 10 electric bike models of 2021

In 2021, living in a more sustainable and conscious way should be a priority for all of us, whether it is about making changes in our daily life, our consumption or our means of transport. Our typical forms of transportation that consume fossil fuels need to be replaced with greener and more environmentally friendly alternatives, and e-bikes are an attractive option! Not only do they reduce fuel consumption and automobile emissions, they are also a healthy source of exercise for us! I mean, not only can we save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also do intense cardio. And they are becoming an increasingly popular option by the day. It is estimated that by 2023 the total number of electric bikes in circulation around the world will be 300 million, which is an exponential increase from the 200 million in 2019. It seems that everyone is slowly and steadily jumping on the road. e-train on the bike! And we have curated a whole range of innovative designs for you. From a stylish portable electric bike with a unique tri-fold mechanism to a transformable, self-balancing unicycle – we have a whole collection of stylish, modern and super cool electric bikes for you!

1. BaoPham Design’s electric bike concept

This electric bike concept from BaoPham Design features centerless wheels that reduce the rotational inertia of heavier wheels. Equipped with thin road bike tires, BaoPham’s electric bike concept features aerodynamic construction that eliminates extra drag due to air pressure and skin friction to give the bike a fast ride. Conceptualized with a fast Z-frame, BaoPham Design’s electric bike concept would house an electric motor located in the bike’s rear wheel rotor that would be activated once the pedals are moved. The Z-frame of BaoPham Design’s electric bike is said to be constructed entirely of metal or aluminum for a sleek look and a quick ride. In addition, the hubless wheels of the BaoPham Design electric bicycle reduce the rotational inertia of the spoked and hub wheels.


E-bikes are now a household name, they are a common mode of transportation in many cities – with safety standards – for cyclists. Add to that the convenience of being able to fold the bike instantly, and it becomes a versatile option for getting from point A to B efficiently, efficiently and quickly. To ensure this portability and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 uses a unique tri-fold structure – as opposed to the two-stage folding design we all know – which makes the electric bike ultra-compact when folded so that ‘it can fit in the trunk of the car or to slide under your workstation (however and wherever you want to use it). Compressed in the smallest unit possible, this folded electric bike is only 60cm in height and length and only 35cm in width. The ONEBOT-S7 is equipped with a removable battery pack in the frame, neatly stored under the seat post. It sits there unobstructed and blends into the consistent frame design and colourway, removing any distraction from the e-bike’s chrome finish.

3. Titaa

While riding manual unicycles can be too long a learning curve for most, self-balancing electric unicycles are more like something we could all follow. Titaa, a unicycle with this kind of mechanics, conceptualized by Husky Design is a modular dual-purpose vehicle that can transform from a bicycle into a self-balancing unicycle. In its full form, Titaa is an electric two-wheeler in the shape of a cargo bike. When riding Titaa as a two-wheeler, users sit upright on a curved, raised seat that slopes down towards the pedal set of the bike. There, users can rest their feet while the motor charges the electric bicycle in advance. Integrated into the rear wheel component, Titaa operates on a battery system which can be replaced and recharged near the vehicle’s pedals.

4. The PXID – A1

Dubbed the PXID – A1, this compact electric bike folds to the size of a small suitcase for easy transport in the trunk or even transport to the office, if the boss allows it. The foldable bike rides on 14-inch tires and the rear tires are powered by the on-board electric battery for assisted driving on climbs. The seat is height adjustable and the redesigned design compared to the previous S1 model adapts an angular frame design. This gives the A1 a much better foldable aesthetic which is convenient to use. In fact, it’s so compact in the foldable position that you can even fit more luggage in the trunk of your car with the A1 foldable electric bike sitting in a corner!

5. The pilot bike

This final design centers on a lightweight 7005 Series aluminum frame and notable hubless wheel features. To finalize the design of the hubless wheel, which is functional in every detail, Franz called on his fellow mechanical engineers. Ultimately, the offset axle design had the extra gear to spin the wheels at an appropriate speed with the pedaling motion. This is assisted by the on-board motor for that extra boost on inclines when the throttle is pressed. The Pilot bike finally came to life after countless modifications and design changes. The next step was to finalize the colors, materials and finishes.

7. Lyft’s redesigned electric bike

Over the past three years, Lyft has developed an electric bike that embodies the best in safety technology and a low carbon footprint. Now, finally, he’s seeing its fruits in the form of this upbeat electric bike. According to Lyft President and Co-Founder John Zimmer, Lyft is about “creating affordable, reliable, and enjoyable commuting experiences – and few things create joy like riding this new electric bike.” The single transmission electric bike is designed for all types of riders with improved ergonomics and is pure city riding pleasure – thanks to the transmission tuning for any type of speed or road level. It features a very sleek form factor that perfectly matches the flexible and adaptive motor built into the frame. With young riders in mind, Lyft’s e-bike comes with custom features including built-in speaker system, hydraulic brakes for constant stopping power, on-board sensors for safety, retro-reflective paintwork for glowing in the dark and keeping in mind urban lighting effects bikers demand.

8. The single line

South Korea-based mobility designer Jung Soo Lee put together the niche idea of ​​a two-wheeled commuter for the whole family inspired by the simple line, and that’s why she likes to call it the One Line. The idea is pretty darn simple – one line is the central computer of the ride, and depending on who’s going to use it, One Line can adapt to that shape. It could be a classic Korean bicycle with a basket (having a built-in light) to keep the groceries you just bought at the supermarket or fresh flowers for your sweetheart. Then in another avatar it can take the form of an electric scooter to move from place to place faster. One use case is the e-kickboard, in which the line frame design now functions as a platform to stand on. For the first two iterations, the battery is placed under the seat with LED indicators showing the remaining battery levels.

9. Prototype 0

Called Prototype 0, this velodrome track racing bike designed for speed enthusiasts shines with its monocoque design focused on drag reduction and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with minimum effort. The prototype’s ultra-thin profile helps achieve as little aerodynamic drag as possible, which is ideal for effortless daily commutes. The bike is a fixie – a single speed bike designed for city riding for added control. Don’t expect it to be this good for steep climbs or rough terrain as it is purely designed to be a racing demon for smooth tarmac surfaces. The presence of a larger driveshaft means that control will be the highlight of the ride.

10. OOH bike

Victor Tabares, a designer based in the bustling city of Barcelona, ​​felt inspired to design and produce OOH BIKE. Since this e-bike retains its pedaling capabilities, most of OOH BIKE’s notable features are built into the bike itself. Right in the rider’s peripheral vision, the battery levels are displayed along the top of the bike frame. On, the neon lights indicate the battery levels of the bike in quarter. The front wheel of the OOH BIKE is completely hubless, producing a finished metropolitan look that lends style to an otherwise integrated and functional bike. In addition, the spokeless front allows the wheel to be turned quickly and with little effort. While centerless wheels are primarily, it seems, an aesthetic decision, they work well in urban environments.

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