The record for the heaviest deadlift with a broken finger after ten years

Steve Keeler (UK) set the record for heaviest deadlift with one fingera record that stood for more than 10 years.

Using only his middle finger, the Kent-based martial artist lifted the incredible weight of 129.50 kg (285.49 lbs) for eight seconds.

The attempt happened in Ashford, Kent, in February 2022.


Steve showed his incredible strength by lifting more than 120 kg with a single finger, surrounded by cheers from the public.

During the attack, in the presence of several witnesses, he simultaneously lifted six iron weight discs: a smaller one weighing around 10 kg, one weighing 20 kg, three weighing just over 25 kg each and one weighing 26 kg. .

“It’s incredibly painful, but my fingers are strong and I’m proud of my lift.”

Heaviest One-Finger Deadlift Three Seconds

At 48, Steve has been bodybuilding for four years.


He has also been training at the dojo since he was a teenager.


Steve has been practicing karate since he was 18 and discovered that his hand had excellent strength through judo grips.

An expert in martial arts, as an adult he mastered many forms of combat: he is a 5th Dan black belt in Tsuyoi-Ryu karate (where tsuyoi means “strong” in Japanese and specifies a traditional branch of karate that focuses on realistic full-contact combat) and a 1st Dan black belt in judo.

He discovered that his bare hands could break cinder blocks and soon realized he had strong bones.


Later, during one of his strength training sessions with his training partner, Steve discovered that his lifting capacity was well above the norm and – possibly – breaking records.

While playing with weights, he lifted a set with only his middle finger.

After that, the athlete decided to search for the current Guinness World Records title.

Not only did he notice that the previous record, broken by Armenian Benik Israyelyan, had remained unbeaten for ten years, but he also realized that he was only 50 kg heavier than he had been. had already risen.

Realizing he could break the current record but also aware of the potential risks of lifting so much weight with just one finger, Steve began training for an official attempt, further strengthening his bones and building up his stamina.

Steve celebrates his new record title

Achieving a Guinness World Records title means a lot to Steve.

“My step-dad was my absolute hero and when I was a kid he came into my life and helped me solve a problem I had with my bike.”

“He brought a wrench to remove the pedal from my bike and he pushed that wrench so hard he broke it!” He recalls.

“He was in his strength training and this record would be in honor of everything he taught me. He would be absolutely blown away!”

“If I get a world record, I will give the certificate to my mother.” – Steve Keeler

The iron discs used for the attempt

Former record holder Benik Israyelyan lifted 116.90 kg (257.72 lb) with his right middle finger in 2011.

The following year, Benik decided to try again and bettered his own record, managing to reach the incredible weight of 121.70 kg (268.30 lb) – a result which had gone unbeaten until Steve took up the challenge. .

By lifting the whopping total of 129.50 kg (285.49 lb), Steve broke the decade-old record by nearly 10 kilos.

Although Steve and Benik wow us with their incredible strength and technique, using the middle finger isn’t the only way to deadlift: in 2013, Suren Aghabekyan (Armenia) broke the record for heaviest pinky deadlift lifting 110 kg (242 lb 5 oz).

Definitely not a set of records to try at home!

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