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The Bicycle Stand (TBS), in the well-written words of Sarah Bennett, is “more than just a repair shop that also sells bicycles; it’s a community center and lifestyle boutique filled with all kinds of two-wheeled appreciations.

To play on this sentiment, it’s also worth noting that there is nothing more community-based than a team of like-minded competitors training and running together. The Bicycle Stand Race Club, a team of about six athletes and counting, is a shining example of what a local, independent business can bring to the community.

TTBS owners Evan Whitener and Nicole Maltz support runners by providing free race preparation and labor as well as discounts on all parts and accessories. Italian bicycle maker Bianchi offers the team special prices while riders can upgrade their bike parts by committing to a day or two work at the store. Local businesses such as Yellow 108 and Fine Feathers Kombucha also offer financial support and discounts to the team. Those who want to make the team must purchase the kit, show up for training, register on the USA Cycling website, and engage in a handful of races including criteriums, road races and track races.

Ian Moir, a TBS employee and team coach, won his first national elite individual title in 2012 at the Carson Velodrome in addition to taking several other podiums with national titles. He found himself looking for a job last year when the pro race just wasn’t putting him down financially.

“Despite all the issues I had with the sporty side of things, I never stopped appreciating all that cycling had to offer, so I found myself looking to be around the bikes, but far away of sport, ”Moir said.

Enter the Bicycle Stand Race Club, a team that Moir is happy to supervise.

“In the beginning,” said Moir, “the running club was a way to market the store’s expansion into the road and performance-oriented market, but I see it as a way to meet all the needs of the race car. cycling, from the seasonal summer cyclist to the serious racer to the vintage cycling enthusiast and collector. More importantly, I see it as a means and a hub to bring all of these people together. “

BStandRace 05Moir sees the club as a way for the niche cyclist to become the complete cyclist, a way to encourage local enthusiasts to let cycling encompass all aspects of their lives. He is also determined to facilitate a better understanding between these distinct groups within the cycling community, a concept which may be nascent but which clearly works.

“Spending my whole life on the bike I’ve realized that these groups are often very far from each other and the Race Club is a way to branch out into another community and bring them together with these other sides of cycling,” using the many faces of the store as a hub to bring everyone together, to give each group respect and understanding for each other on the road, and hopefully turn the serious runner into someone who packs up his saddlebags and gets to work, ”Moir said. “To hopefully turn the seasonal summer cruiser into someone who rides all year round for their health. To turn the everyday commuter into someone who turns their bike into a vehicle for recreation and pleasure, not just transportation.

Just yesterday, the TBS Race Club performed particularly well in USA Cycling’s SoCalCup # 8 race in Dominguez Hills, a popular benchmark for seasoned cyclists as well as beginners. Mike Martin ranked 5th, Gino Romano [pictured above right] finished 6th and Evan Whitener of TBS placed 13th in the category 5 race. Roberto Roman placed 6th in the category 4/5 race and won a bonus.

For those less familiar with competitive cycling, the categories range from 5, the least experienced, to category 1, the most experienced. The women’s races start with category 4, the least experienced, and end with category 1, with the most experienced. To move up to a higher level, you have to accumulate a certain number of points by participating in a certain number of races and / or by ranking well. Winning or placing in the top three, of course, gives the rider the most points. In a criterium race, where riders complete a specified number of laps around a closed course, bounties are prizes that are awarded for winning designated laps in the race.

The team departs from Aroma di Roma on 2nd St. to Belmont Shore every two weeks at 7:30 p.m. for a team tour and training exercise. Anyone interested in learning more about racing, becoming a better, faster and stronger cyclist, or learning how to ride safely in a group is welcome, regardless of whether or not they decide to enter the race.

For more information on racing and riding with the Bicycle Stand Race Club, or to purchase the brand new kit, contact [email protected] or call (562) 279-4936 and don’t forget to visit the store to place.

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