The best electric mopeds to ride in 2022

So, who is the bike really for? Cyclist looking for a clean and easy-to-recharge zero-emission bike. City riders are happy with modest speeds of up to around 30 mph (40 kph). Riders looking for a light and simple introduction to motorcycles, but with a limited range whether or not they fit Gen Z. Riders looking to take longer rides over 30 miles or tackling roads with a speed limit over 30 mph…keep moving…

Piaggio A: £2,500 (£2,011 with UK EV grant) | Piaggio

Piaggio One Active: £3,000 (£2,411 with UK EV grant) | Piaggio

Electric Vespa

Premium traditional scooter styling

the Elettrica (from £5,480) is an electric moped that looks and feels like a “real” moped. It’s the size of a Vespa, it’s the weight of a Vespa, and jumping on the bike feels like a regular Vespa in the best possible way. Styling matches the brand’s classic Primavera model, with silver main body panels and a choice of six accent colors – blue Azzuro Elettrico “eco” piping subtly suggesting, “yes, I drive a electric scooter’.

As soon as you put the bike in ride mode, everything changes. None of that physical feel of the Vespa petrol engine or the sound of Vespa petrol… but also in the best possible way. The Elettrica is silent, not “almost silent” like the Piaggio 1, but close. More a buzz than a whisper. It’s quiet enough to surprise pedestrians used to the usual Vespa shape and sound.

WIRED has tested the 45kph (30mph) Elettrica, the more modest of the two bikes in the range, and as a 50cc equivalent it can be driven with an ordinary UK driving licence. Similar to the 1, the Elettrica is suited to the city where modest top speed isn’t an issue – often that less brisk acceleration (in the 20 and 30mph zones) actually represents a fuel economy virtue. ‘speeding. It’s worth noting though that the steady acceleration gave us a few moments where we backed off from overtaking, knowing that “oomph” wouldn’t be there at the last moment.

Come and park the bike and you will now notice that the Elettrica weighs 130 kg. That’s not crazy weight for a bike, but it’s 15kg heavier than the ‘equivalent’ petrol Vespa Primavera, and 45kg heavier than the Piaggio 1 (also reviewed here). On the road, this shows in sturdy, planted handling, but when parking or lifting the bike, the weight is noticeable.

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