Sumner County, TN 2nd Grader Named to Team USA BMX

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Learning to ride a bike is a pretty typical part of childhood.

Sumner County’s Reid Autry took the bike one step further. His simple talent has now earned him the opportunity to represent Team USA on the world stage.

“I started on a Strider bike, which you just use your feet with, then I moved to a pedal bike, then the bikes got bigger and I got bigger too,” Reid said.

It is bigger, but still only 8 years old. Reid went from learning how to use pedals to competing in motocross cycling. BMX is a sport that isn’t as popular as soccer or baseball, but it does feature a skill that most kids are very familiar with.

“There are probably tons of kids who are very, very good on bikes and they’re like wait, I didn’t know you could go somewhere and race these things,” said Reid’s father, Chad Autry. . “I would definitely suggest it to families and other kids who want to step out of the norm and do something different.”

Reid doesn’t just race, he wins.

“You just try to beat them and they try to beat you, and you want to be first in every race you do,” Reid said.

He won enough to earn a spot on the US BMX team. In July, he will compete on the world stage at the UCI BMX World Competition in Nantes, France.

“It’s a great accomplishment. For him being an 8 year old, he doesn’t really understand. He knows he is going to run for the American team. Not only that, he realizes he can travel and meet other riders from other countries,” Chad said.

The 2nd year student has never left the country and says he is eager to learn new languages.

As for his parents, they are proud of him no matter what.

“It boosted his confidence. He grew his fearlessness. It’s competitive and it’s just fun. It’s fun,” said Rachel Autry, Reid’s mother.

His parents say he almost missed qualifying because he was shipwrecked towards the end of a race. The sinking didn’t hurt his chances of qualifying as much as what he did after the sinking. Because he passed a friend, he stopped to help him up. Then, his buddy ended up finishing the race ahead of him.

“We’re glad you checked it out, but you almost missed your qualification! Still, it was a proud moment,” jokes Rachel. Chad added: “It was a very proud parenting moment for Reid to do this but he was just checking on his friend even though they both destroyed each other together.”

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On Monday, April 25, the Autrys are hosting a “Spirit Night” at Fairview Pizza where a portion of the food sales will go towards Reid’s trip to France.

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