Simon Cowell brings wickedness to the trapeze and applauds the fall

Monday night’s “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” saw some fearless and reckless acts – even a 90-year-old stunt grandma coming out of retirement to ride through burning walls on a motorcycle with her grandson.

The second episode of the “AGT” spin-off series also saw the full return of notorious villain Simon Cowell amid dangerous acts of audacity. He looks like he was just being brutally honest.

But Cowell was “annoyed” and dismissive of the Flying Royals’ trapeze act. The group of eight from Orlando claims to be the only criss-crossing trapeze artist in the world, showcasing midair misses and acrobatic leaps. But Cowell barely seemed to stifle a yawn.

He did, however, like the part where a member fumbled during an in-flight maneuver and ended up on the ground, landing safely in a net much to the audience’s relief.

“The best thing was that one of you fell, if I’m being honest,” Cowell said after the band reunited after their performance. Cowell said the tight-knit group in matching outfits was “interchangeable”, adding that there was “not much personality”.

“I try to find things that we haven’t seen before,” Cowell said of the show’s “AGT: Extreme” mission. “You’re going to hate me, but I’ll start with a ‘no’.”

Simon Cowell talks about a broken arm and how the performers are crazy about the new “AGT: Extreme”

The group was one “no” vote away from a judge being kicked off the show after Cowell was fired. But the other judges intervened. WWE star Nikki Bella said “the athletic ability you all have is amazing…even with a drop, it was a great show” while voting “yes”. Stunt judge Travis Pastrana applauded the group for “taking risks” and voted them down as well.

The Flying Royals are not in the final, but they are still alive. Swore to impress everyone, even skeptical trapeze artist Cowell: “We’ve got more up our sleeve, you won’t be disappointed.”

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The Flying Royals couldn't impress the judge

90-year-old stuntman flies through flaming walls and burns for Simon Cowell

Even with his harsh words, Cowell has his devoted fans. This includes Lillian, a 90-year-old stuntwoman who came out of retirement to perform a motocross stunt through flames with her 24-year-old grandson Hunter.

Before risking her life, Lillian asked Cowell for a hug, one of the acts of flirtation between the two that led host Terry Crews to call the “romantic bond”.

Lillian said she was taken out of retirement to inspire others. “I want to prove to older people that they never get too old to do what they want,” she said.

Terry Crews talks to Hunter and his 90-year-old grandmother Lilian.

With Hunter at the wheel and Lillian in the back, the dirt bike went through five burning walls before exiting the other side to be doused with fire extinguishers. But the flaming torch continued with Cowell, who called the act “incredible”.

The three justices passed the law until its next challenge.

He wasn’t amused: Judge Travis Pastrana seeks erasure

It was Pastrana who demanded more kills during the Contraption Kings act that kicked off “AGT: Extreme.” Pastrana had to recuse himself from judgment because he knows the Nitro Circus act and is even godfather to one of the member’s children.

But that didn’t stop Pastrana from slamming the hugely entertaining act which featured the performers descending 50ft ramps and doing acrobatic jumps – on a jetski watercraft, Ferris wheel, rocking horse, scooter and a movable reclining chair.

The group celebrated the extremely successful ramp landings by saying, “One way to stay alive, guys.” But Pastrana seemed upset that all the jumps somehow landed without erasing. Were the pros extreme enough? Pastrana returned to the instructions of the Nitro Circus era to push the boundaries.

“Someone has to crash every show to show how dangerous it is,” Pastrana said. “If you were to upgrade to the next towers, definitely buy new ramps.”

Coming from the highly respected Pastrana, this had to hurt more than any accident averted.

Added insult tonon-injury, Pastrana then accidentally pressed his buzzer as if voting to reject the group. Even Cowell was surprised, giving the band rave reviews, calling them “ridiculously fantastic” and “one of my favorite bands so far”.

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Jade Kindar Martin didn't need bike grips on the high wire.

Acrobat rides a bicycle on a flaming wire

Cowell fully covered his eyes during Jade Kindar-Martin’s high wire performance act without a net. The 47-year-old acrobat first crossed a flaming wire 25 feet above the ground, even performing a dance move.

Then Kindar-Martin hopped on a handlebarless bike and crossed the flaming wire, even stopping halfway while keeping his balance.

“It was really crazy,” Cowell said.

“Do you know how hard it is to stay still on a bike, let alone on a wire?” asked Pastrana, who praised Kindar-Martin for her lack of pre-hype. “He didn’t need to be oversold.”

Bella was also amazed. “If you had made a wrong move, it was a sight we wouldn’t want to see,” she said.

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