Segway’s Ninebot Motor Speaker Makes Electric Scooters Badder

Segway has a new speaker attachment for its electric scooters that makes V8 engine noises. The Ninebot Engine Speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that attaches to a number of Segway personal transportation vehicles. It can not only get rowdy with your favorite beats, but also cause a ruckus like there’s a drag race in the neighborhood (Going through Gizmodo).

The motor speaker comes with a mounting system that attaches to Segway/Ninebot electric scooters, GoKarts, e-bikes, and even its self-balancing vehicle offerings. The speaker then slides right in, looking like an extra battery for the scooter. But really, the speaker runs on its own 2,200mAh battery that can play for up to 23 hours and charges via USB-C. The speaker is also IP55 rated against dust and water, so it can handle hydroplaning drifts.

The accessory can find and connect to an active Segway / Ninebot vehicle when in pairing mode, then can be switched to different engine modes: single cylinder, twin cylinder, V8 and V12. The speaker will sync with the throttle and rumble as you spin, take off and slow down. It might scratch the itch of combustion engine fans needing to disturb the peace, but at least there are no emissions.

The Ninebot Engine speaker is also a great match for Segway’s new Super Scooter GT series which can go from 0 to 30 mph in as little as 3.9 seconds and can go as fast as 43.5 mph. The obvious risk of bodily harm on the powerful new scooters certainly necessitated an audible failsafe solution in the Ninebot motor speaker – and that failsafe costs $149.99.

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