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Las Vegas, Nevada, December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Ross Bicycles Corporation has announced that it will offer custom designer bikes from Las Vegas, Nevada. “These are commissioned works of art, primarily bicycle jewelry and one-of-a-kind constructions for those looking for a truly collectible masterpiece worth its weight in gold,” said Shaun Ross.

Of course, a city known for its glamor, high-end shopping, world-class entertainment, and shopping would be home to a company that makes elite status bikes potentially worth millions. Why would anyone need a bike that costs $ 25,000 to $ 1,000,000 + dollars with an NFT attached? Well, I guess the same question could be asked as to why some want watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, performance sports cars, or online artwork costing millions in digital currency. Status, investment, fun, and portfolio building are just a few of the answers. It could also be for that particular person who only wants the best of the best in the cycling category. Either way, these bike builds are next-level handcrafted precious gems that come with WAR elite club membership, entry to VIP events, and an NFT. specific to each bicycle construction as well as a unique commemorative certificate of authenticity.

Are you looking to have one built? If a client is lucky enough to be on the list since there are only a handful of them each year, here is the process, what they get and how they can own one of these masterpieces. .

As with many custom requests, it all starts with a phone call, email, or message to the company to discuss their vision, available options, budget, and construction schedule. They will choose their style of bike (Cruiser, MTN, Gravel, BMX or electric), colors, design, materials, requested gemstones, components and the overall purpose of the construction. Once they have spoken with the intake, an appointment is set to speak with their builder about the new custom bike along with the details. Once their bike is put into service, the 3D rendering will be developed and delivered to them electronically in the form of NFT. If revisions are requested during the render phase, the designer will provide changes until they are 100% satisfied with the look, feel and overall design. Once their 3D rendering is approved, the builder will begin construction of his masterpiece.

For more information on these custom bike models, customers can inquire at the numbers below.

They can reach the WAR construction and inquiry line at 844-897-6222 or 786-590-5866. Instagram: @warbikes,,

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