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Resurrection was reviewed outside of the Sundance Film Festival, where it had its world premiere.

Resurrection is a daring psychological thriller that wears its most uncomfortable aspects and imagery on its sleeve. It follows Margaret (Rebecca Hall), an overbearing mother and authoritative pharmaceutical professional, whose life begins to slowly unravel when she spots the mysterious David (Tim Roth), a man she believes to be a figure from her past. . Written and directed by Andrew Semans, the film is a blend of methodical execution and untamed performances, with Hall and Roth delivering career-best work in a resurgent trauma story that’s as thrilling as it is horribly sad.

Margaret’s life is all about staying in control. His morning run is determined. Her affair with her colleague helps her blow off steam. His romantic advice to his intern – whose relationship has red flags that Margaret acknowledges – is direct and to the point. However, her protected teenage daughter, Abbie (Grace Kaufman), is about to leave for college, so the prospect of being an empty bachelor doesn’t sit well with her, if only because it means she can no longer protect Abbie from the harsh realities of the world. When Abbie has a bicycle accident, it triggers a fierce maternal instinct in Margaret, which proves sickening and suffocating for Abbie. However, Margaret – thanks to Hall’s performance and the way she allows lingering insecurities to pierce her delicate armor – seems to have hidden reasons for her paranoia, though she refuses to discuss them.

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