People concerned about rental bikes left on the streets of Syracuse

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — Last fall, the City of Syracuse launched a new partnership with Veo. It provides access to scooters and bicycles within the city limits.

“We’re seeing a lot of new riders,” said Paul Colabufa, Veo’s Syracuse chief operating officer. “Thousands of new runners every week.”

NewsChannel 9 viewers expressed concern that they were left on street corners, in the middle of the road and on private property.

“If you see an unattended scooter, it doesn’t mean it’s been abandoned there. It’s supposed to be point-to-point transport. They’re all tracked by GPS, we know where each one is. Anything that is in the same place for more than two days, we come and pick it up,” Colabufo explained.

Veo has bike racks, but the vehicles are designed to be easy to get in and out of. There are some restrictions.

“You can’t park it on the road,” Colabufo added, “You can’t park it blocking a sidewalk. You can’t park it on private property.

Veo has a fleet of 500, so you’ll see these bikes and scooters around town. If you wonder where and how they are left, there is a number to call. It is located directly on the bike or scooter.

“We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what time you call. It doesn’t matter what day of the week you call. We want to know. We want the system to work for everyone. We will be there to take care of it,” Colabufo said.

Veo has a violation system. The first is a warning, then a $25 fine that increases with each additional violation until you completely lose your privileges. Colabufo hopes neighbors and runners can find common ground.

You can raise your concerns with veo by calling them directly. Their number is 855-VEO-2256

The City of Syracuse says it heard from constituents that the scooters weren’t properly parked. the Cityline call center (315) 448-CITY (2489) works with residents to ensure their calls and concerns reach Veo.

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