Outspokin’ Wheelmen Club gives tips on safe cycling

(WKBN) – Good weather means it’s time for some fun outdoor activities. Some may want to get their bikes out this week – just make sure to ride carefully in the valley.

According to at CDCalmost 1,000 cyclists die and more than 130,000 cyclists are injured in accidents every year.

Bicycles are considered vehicles under Ohio and Pennsylvania laws. The Outspokin’ Wheelmen Club says understanding cycling laws is key to staying safe.

Dave Hughes is part of the Outspokin’ Wheelmen Club. He said understanding cycling laws is key to keeping cyclists safe.

“Cyclists have the same rules and follow the same regulations as any motor vehicle,” Hughes said.

Bicycles can be driven legally on many roads. As a courtesy, a group of cyclists will stay on the right side of the road.

“It is legal for cyclists to ride side by side if the road is bad or rough on the right side of the road. They can come in the center of that lane or even on the left side of that lane,” Hughes said.

There are also motor vehicle laws overriding cyclists. Motorists must be at least three feet away from a bicycle when passing. They can also cross over a double yellow line.

“They will slow down and be behind them, then they will slow down all the traffic behind them. And pretty soon you could have 10, 12 cars there,” says Hughes.

For cyclists, being visible is essential. Hughes suggests getting flashing lights for the bike and wearing bright colors — and don’t forget the helmet.

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