Outdoor community gym and more bike racks, Ulverston City Council unveils 2022 plans

BETTER disabled access, outdoor community gymnasium and more walking trails – city councilor shares council plans for 2022.

Mark Wilson, Ulverston City Councilor and South Lakeland District Council, revealed the plans Ulverston City Council is planning for 2022.

Among these are the increase in the number of bicycle racks in the city, the more disabled-friendly Ulverston station and the opening of an outdoor community gymnasium.

He said: “Always looking to the future, the board has agreed to move forward with our own projects and those with partners.

“We are keen to continue operating the Gill WC facility even though a grant from the South Lakeland District Council has ceased.

“We continue to support additional cleaning at Market Hall to help keep these facilities safe from Covid.

“We hope to restore the provisions of community toilets in 2022.

“Tree maintenance on UTC allotments will be a big topic in 2022.

“We have a number of trees that need to be looked at closely.

“We hope to see action on The Gill Banks and other areas in terms of tree planting.”

Cllr Wilson added: “Several advisers presented plans that go forward to create a youth council that can help the ‘lead’ partner to think through and plan intergenerational approaches for future plans.

“The environmental sustainability group will continue their joint meetings to create a reading group as well as to continue to support environmental grants to local organizations.

“Ulverston has a recent history of being a ‘healthy city’, we hope to continue this groundbreaking work as we move into a new unitary authority that will allow us to help support health authority bodies to ensure access for all. to the full range of health services.

“There are plans to increase the number of bicycle racks in the city as cycling becomes more popular,

“The first stages of an outdoor community gymnasium need to be developed at Ford Park.

“UTC hopes to start a project to add a walking route along the Canal Track Bed to Next Ness and then to Greenodd.

“It’s been a long time to prepare, but we have a lot of interested parties and opportunities to get grants.”

Cllr Wilson also shared her hopes to build better crossing points at Ulverston station to help wheelchair users.

He said: “Partner projects are being organized with Cumbria County Council to use government ‘environmental grants’ to improve trails near the SLDC depot and down to the canal.

“With the railway bodies, we hope to see the first steps in building better crossing points to platform two to help wheelchairs and those with other mobility issues to be able to access trains from Ulverston.

“The Borderlands project will herald the major impacts that this program of places will have in helping the city, its industries and the cultural offerings that various groups offer. ”

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