Oscillations? Tree house? Spider sprayer? The City unveils 3 concepts to renovate the Flaherty playground

The Flaherty Playground is getting a dramatic makeover, and the city would like to hear your thoughts on three designs that include play structures, swings, water features, amphitheater seating, bike racks, and Moreover.

The deadline to take a survey is June 16, and people can see a Video presentation concepts, review the project pageand take it investigation submit your answers.

Each of the three concepts is based on a theme: treehouse, waterfall and clubhouse. The concepts all feature an upper level, a lower level, a slope area with activities, a passive nature area and maintain the existing trees as much as possible.

Three concepts for Flaherty Playground

Treehouse concept (below) includes a woodland creature spray mat, swings, play equipment, climbing area and a two-story treehouse with climbing canvas scope (spider), and more.

The waterfall concept (below) includes play equipment, swings, amphitheater seats with rocks and a central waterfall with a spray cushion that visually cascades down.

The clubhouse (below) features a two-story clubhouse with a climbing rope in the structure, a zipline, and more.


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