‘No plans’ to move Spalding’s controversial bike racks

Highway chiefs say there are no plans to move the controversial bike racks from a downtown area.

Lincolnshire County Council installed the green car-shaped bicycle racks at Spalding Sheep Market and Herring Lane last year using government funds to support the town’s recovery from Covid.

The council received more than £ 100,000 from the Department for Transport’s first round of the Emergency Active Travel Fund to support the installation of temporary projects.

The bike rack is located

Concerns were raised in the city about the shape and location of the bike racks at the time.

Councilor Richard Davies, Executive Member of Highways, said: “There are no plans to remove brackets at this time, but we are still listening to residents’ suggestions on these issues.

“If residents suggest a better location for the racks, we will carefully consider all aspects of the comments. “

However, last year the council said the racks would be temporary.

In October 2020, Councilor Davies said: “The DfT gave us very short deadlines to install the changes when we received the funding and there just wasn’t time to get every community’s feedback on. each bicycle parking space.

“I want to stress that these changes are all on a trial basis – so if they work they will stay and if they don’t we can rethink.”

South Holland District Councilor and Cabinet Member Gary Taylor believes the racks should be moved.

He said: “They should be moved to a more suitable location as it seems the location is the issue rather than the bike racks.

“The Sheep Market rack occupies a special place and occupies a parking space. I would suggest this one be located a short distance from the sheep market restrooms.

“The Herring Lane bike rack sits next to a commercial loading dock and could be relocated. “

Last year, City Councilor Harry Drury raised concerns about the location of the racks.

In October, he said: “As much as I support cycling and its contribution to a greener environment, I also believe that there are much more suitable places for them where they would not take up valuable parking spaces and space. loading. at a time when they are needed most to support our local businesses and businesses.

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