New bike racks installed in Tetbury town center

New bike racks have been installed in the center of Tetbury.

The two racks, which can store 12 bicycles, are located behind the Halle du Marché.

Cotswold District Councilor Richard Norris said he was delighted with the new bike racks as there was a ‘great need’ for cyclists to have somewhere to safely leave their bikes.

He successfully bid for funding from the government’s Return Fund, which aims to support the return to safe high streets and help “build back better” after the pandemic.

Cllr Norris said: “I would like to thank the Tetbury City Council grounds team for installing the bike racks.

“Cyclists will be delighted with this news, they now have visible and secure bike storage in the city center for their bikes, allowing them to browse our cafes, independent shops and businesses without anxiety.

“There was no provision for storing bikes before and I really wanted to fix that.

“My goal is to help locals who want to walk or bike to work, or visitors visiting the area, by making it easier for them to leave the car at home.

“Cycling to Tetbury means no petrol or parking costs, reduced air pollution and is more convenient for getting around the city quickly and easily and relieves our car parks.”

Local businesses and the city council are committed to the project, with the council giving its approval on the style and location of the bike racks.

“Cycling is wonderful for health and well-being and supports our commitment to improving the local environment,” said Cllr Norris.

“Tetbury is a popular destination for cyclists and the new bike racks will encourage visitors to spend more time here and visit our wonderful independent shops and cafes. Tetbury is an even better place for cyclists to visit now.”

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