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How glorious: the wind is at my back, the sun warms my head and I’m surrounded by the fascinating Swiss countryside, but it’s so hot that I’m wearing shorts.

Errol Craig Sull of Amherst rides with a bunch of spin class buddies.

Am I running along a country road? Maybe I’m in my convertible with the top down? Maybe my motorcycle and I are wandering around Switzerland? And maybe it’s a beautiful summer day?

No… no… no… and no!

Instead, I’m in a room surrounded by four walls, with fans on, a high window with the sun streaming in, and a moving video of a leisurely trip through Switzerland in front. I go about 30 mph, on an indoor cycling bike, during a spinning session.

I can close my eyes while I pedal. No need to worry about hitting pedestrians, being hit by a car or running over a pothole. When I’m standing, I don’t worry about dodging low branches or being knocked over by a sudden breeze.

There is music and an instructor bellows – motivating! – throughout the 45-minute class. And a bunch of us are riding our bikes, in a variety of headbands, t-shirts and tank tops, yoga shorts and pants, sneakers and bike shoes – smiling, laughing, laughing. Everything combined made us a happy group!

The workout is just amazing. We burn hundreds of calories with perhaps the best cardiovascular activity available, surrounded by “spinning buds” who share the intensity, excitement, fun, and esprit de corps that these encounters bring.

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