Morrisville Police Diary (4/26/22-5/9/22) | Morrisville Borough Police Department

Arrest/DUI – 04/26/22 @ 10:50 PM – Daryll Price, 31, was arrested for driving under the influence and related offenses following a traffic accident on S. Pennsylvania Avenue and Route 1. He was processed and released.

Warrant/Assault – 04/26/22 @ 02:18 AM – A warrant has been issued for Justin Drumheiser, 35, for a domestic incident on the Robertson Avenue unit block.

Stolen from Motor Vehicle – 04/26/22 @ 9:55 AM – A catalytic converter was stolen from a Chevrolet bus overnight at Yardley Auto Body on W. Philadelphia Avenue. Value: $1,800.00

Arrest/Simple Assault – 04/26/22 @ 6:33 PM – Randy Miller, 24, was arrested for a domestic incident in the 300 block of W. Bridge Street. He was sent to Bucks County Jail.

Motor Vehicle Theft – 04/26/22 @ 6:55 PM – Report of a catalytic converter stolen overnight from a Ford truck on the 200 block of Bank Street. Value: $1,500.00

Arrest/Warrant/Aggravated Assault – 04/29/22 @ 3:42 PM – A warrant has been issued for Gary Fink, 71, for aggravated assault for an incident that occurred during a traffic accident on Avenues E Trenton and N. Delmorr. On 5/1/22 he was arrested on warrant, processed and released.

Arrest/Violation of Borough Ordinance – 04/30/22 @ 02:00 – Audrey Perron, 42, has been cited for having an open fire pit. The incident happened on the unit block of McClees Alley.

Bike Theft – 04/30/22 @ 3:11 PM – Report of a So Cal SE Flyer mountain bike with orange tires, handlebars and forks stolen from the N. Pennsylvania Avenue unit block. Value: $500.00

Motor Vehicle Theft – 05/01/22 @ 15:46 – Report of a blue 2008 Dodge Caliber, left running with keys inside, was stolen outside the First Stop Tobacco Store on Crown Street. The owner located the vehicle shortly thereafter in Trenton.

Retail Theft – 01/05/22 @ 8:53 PM – Report of a shopping cart full of merchandise was stolen from the Giant Food Store on W. Trenton Avenue. The black male left with a white female. Value: $683.00

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 02/05/22 @ 2:00 PM – Report of tools and prescription drugs stolen from an unlocked vehicle on the 200 block of E. Palmer Street. Value: $525.00

Motor Vehicle Arrest / Criminal Mischief – 05/02/22 @ 9:06 PM – Jonnathan Somrux, 31, was cited for criminal mischief and traffic offenses after fleeing the scene of a traffic accident on the unit block of E. Bridge Street.

Arrest/Harassment/Public Intoxication – 3/5/22 @ 12:38 AM and 12:40 AM – Koshawn Gibbs, 31, was cited for harassment and public intoxication, Amanda Davis, 33, was cited for harassment and a young man was charged simple assault. The domestic incident happened in the 200 block of S. Washington Street.

Motor Vehicle Theft – 4/5/22 @ 9:10 PM – Report of a catalytic converter stolen from a Ford F250 on the 200 block of E. Philadelphia Ave. Value: $620.00

Motor Vehicle Theft – 05/05/22 @ 02:38 – Report of a catalytic converter stolen from a Ford F450 on the 500 block of Crown Street. Value: $1,100.00

Arrest/Warrant – 05/05/22 @ 10:40 PM – Kevin Hoffner, 38, was arrested on a Bucks County Sheriff’s Warrant in the parking lot of Smokin Joe’s on E. Trenton Avenue. He was processed and recovered by the sheriffs.

Theft – 09/05/22 @ 11:03 PM – Report of two fishing rods stolen from a porch on the 500 block of Woodland Avenue. Value: $175.00

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