MetaMarket – Binance Smart Chain’s Hottest New NFT Market

MetaReserve’s team of fully doxxed and experienced FinTech professionals, blockchain developers and NFT fanatics is proud to announce the launch of its new NFT Marketplace on March 25thand2022.

MetaMarket Unique Features

Governance Tokens and Airdrops

All holders of NFT collections launched exclusively by MetaMarket are eligible to receive $POWER governance tokens (with staking) and the right to vote on MetaReserve cash events. Additionally, MetaReserve occasionally “rains down” with periodic, unannounced $POWER airdrops. The MetaMarket will collaborate with brands and celebrities to create breakthrough NFTs that offer real and virtual applications.

Whitelist for Promising NFT Collections and Launchpad

As a holder of MetaMarket NFT, its investors will also be whitelisted for velvet rope access to future NFT collections with other highly reputable brands and influencers and the hottest pending crypto projects. on the MetaReserve launchpad.

MetaMarket’s Top Three NFT Collections

Here’s a look at the company’s first three exclusive NFT Collections, offering unique perks, exclusive privileges, and fantastic value.

1. Tom Zanetti’s Exclusive Party and Impeccable Club (TZ-EPIC)

Tom’s Club + Digital Party Experience + VIP Membership

World-renowned DJ and platinum artist, Tom Zanetti, hosts Tom Zanetti’s exclusive party and spotless club (TZ-EPIC). Join Tom’s inner circle for the best clubs, the best music and the best friends in the metaverse and enjoy VIP access to all the special events and benefits offered by TZ-EPIC.

Interested crypto investors can be part of the culture, music and lifestyle revolution with unique NFTs with unmistakable modes and attributes. Additionally, they can also access metaverses or actual parties, community-only events; exclusive NFT drops, VIP lounge passes, music previews and more!

2. EPOWERS Bike Racing and NFT

EPOWERS is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultralight racing e-bikes. It is powered by masterful engineering, advanced technology and creative design; individual components are manufactured in Europe by top technology companies to produce an innovative and reliable bike that meets the highest industry standards.

To publicize the fantastic technology of EPOWERS, the founders seek to establish the fastest electric bicycle race in the world, where the performance of the rider must integrate a synergistic strategy between endurance and technological power.

Crypto enthusiasts determined to celebrate the exciting future of e-bike racing with three exclusive levels of NFT EPOWERS Next-Gen!

NFT EPOWERS Silver, Gold and Platinum will offer the following unique benefits:

+ Actions in EPOWERS

+ Tickets for EbikeGP races, held in exotic locations such as Monaco and Monza

+ An EPOWERS virtual bike to participate in the EPOWERS GP P2E game

+ Chance to win an authentic “EPOWERS Competition Bike”.

+ Free physical EPOWERS bike (with or without engine)

+ Meet favorite cyclists with lifetime access to EPOWERS Private Community and EPOWERS Metaverse Club

3. Build your dreams and Singapore’s electric vehicles

Two Asian automotive organizations have entered the sizzling electric vehicle market, and they are proud to announce that they are the first-ever NFT pegged to SEV stocks.

Users Can Build Their Dreams (BYD), transforming the automotive industry since 1995, becoming one of China’s largest private manufacturers and an EV technology pioneer with sales in over fifty countries. Business tycoon Warren Buffet’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns 8.2% of BYD’s stock, more than it owns of General Motors.

Singapore Electric Vehicles (SEV) is an electric vehicle fleet company that seeks to revolutionize public transport by providing greater access to emission-free transport services, promoting environmental conservation and a more sustainable future. SEV has signed a three-party agreement with BYD and Sime Darby Motors, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading automotive retailers, representing luxury brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche.

MetaMarket is doing its part for the zero-emission energy ecosystem by building a virtual showroom and business center for beautifully styled BYD automobiles. He can learn more about these two revolutionary and forward-thinking companies, their positive impact on the environment, and the future of global adoption of electric vehicles.

Holders of the Build Your Dreams NFT will receive a unique, dynamic NFT pegged to 10% of real-world SEV stocks. Users will also have access to limited edition physical products, invitations to exclusive events and VIP passes for real and virtual experiences. They can also feel satisfied with their role in helping the environment while enjoying these wonderful benefits!

The prospects of the metamarket

These three outstanding NFT projects are just the beginning. For NFT enthusiasts, MetaMarket will be the market to watch for 2022 and beyond.

Backed by the integrity and expertise of an experienced MetaReserve development team, they aim to be the first decentralized marketplace on the blockchain, focusing on real-world value and rewards.

They will offer eye-pleasing NFTs and provide tangible utility to holders through exclusive rewards, engaging communities, VIP benefits, influencer engagement, and private access to exciting brands and products.

Be sure to join the community on this exciting journey, and creators will see their customers in the metaverse!

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