Meet one of this year’s GABR stars

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Mark your calendars, because the Great American Bike Race is just a month away. And Sanford Health is gearing up to raise more money than ever this year.

Benny Lemieux knows how much physiotherapy has helped him.

“What can it help you do?” asked Sarah Keller, pediatric physical therapist for Sanford Health.

“To stay!” Benny said.

“Get up, it’s true,” Keller said.

This year Benny was chosen to be a star in the Great American Bike Race.

“We were just kinda over the moon with pride for that one. It’s the biggest emotion I can remember feeling during this time,” said Danny Lemieux, Benny’s father.

Sarah Keller, who has been doing physical therapy with Benny since he was a baby, says she can’t think of anyone better to represent the organization.

“He really brings happiness to those around him with his smile, with his laughter. And it’s just a joy to be around him,” Keller said.

Benny’s laughter is contagious and GABR gives him and his family opportunities he might not have had otherwise.

“All of those things, all of the funds that they’ve provided, the cool gadgets and gadgets that we have, those have just provided independence for Ben,” Danny said.

From doing standing squats to opening bathroom doors, the help he’s received from GABR has been invaluable.

In addition to Benny’s electric wheelchair, GABR helped the Lemieux family purchase a manual wheelchair, a wheelchair-accessible van, toiletries, back and foot braces, and a chairlift to help him going up and down the stairs at home. If you want to support Benny and other kids with cerebral palsy, click here.

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