Maui Bike Shop Spreads Joy Amid Pandemic – One Free Repair at a Time


MAKAWAO (HawaiiNewsNow) – When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, the owner of Krank Cycles – a bicycle company in Makawao – had an idea.

“We have a commercial entity that serves hotels. I decided to use this since hotels were dead to go and repair individual bikes from door to door, ”said AAron Riechert.

This is how the Maui Bike Mission was born.

“Whenever we’ve done these things, the reaction is just the joy and freedom to be on a bike, and that’s why I’m in the industry,” he said.

Over the past year and a half, Riechert has taken his bike repair team on the road.

“They were dragging broken bikes from the weeds and the riverbed,” Riechert said. “We ended up taking 17 bikes and making 13 work bikes for all these kids,” he said.

The Krank’s crew even left off the island. On Lanai, they repaired over 200 bikes in one day.

“We started at 9 am and worked until dark. We had headlamps. It was amazing, ”said Riechert.

He estimates that since the start of the Maui Bike Mission, his team has repaired around 500 bikes. And they did them all for free.

“We were just very blessed. We are fortunate to have been essential in making the repairs. Who knew bikes were that crazy thing to keep people sane, ”he said.

Since the news spread on social media, other communities in Maui have invited Krank to come to their neighborhoods.

“We want the community to invite us. We don’t want to force it and say, ‘Hey, we’re coming,’ ”said Riechert.

Her team practices COVID security measures when they go out into the field. And when they show up, they also deliver donated bikes. They distributed about 250 of them.

Krank’s next big bike mission will be in Molokai on September 25. If you live in Maui and like to donate a working bike to the Molokai community, drop it off at Krank Cycles at 1120 Makawao Ave.

Riechert has said he will continue the cycling mission for as long as he can, and he hopes his story inspires others to continue.

“Whatever skill you have, whatever your heart desires, you can take it and give it to other people,” he said.

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