Man arrested for shooting 13-year-old boy with BB gun

LEHI, Utah – A Lehi man was arrested by Lehi Font for allegedly shooting a 13-year-old girl with a BB gun in an incident on March 31.

According to the possible cause statement, the girl was trying to speak with the individual who may have damaged her friend’s bike.

Police say when the girl knocked on the suspect’s door, he had a cigarette in his mouth and what appeared to be a gun pointed at her. According to the probable cause statement, the suspect, who was identified as 50-year-old James Davis, said he was going to shoot her, while uttering foul language.

The girl then told police that she was running in a zigzag pattern, as she had been taught when she was young, to avoid being hit. When police questioned her about the gun, the girl said it looked like her grandfather’s.

In the probable cause statement, the girl told police in an effort to escape, “she’s never run faster in her life.”

Hit by a BB gun

According to the probable cause statement, the girl told police that she had been shot twice and was hit in the thigh by a small round object. Police also said they noticed a mark on his thigh that is believed to be the size of a BB. Police also received evidence of bruises on the back of his thigh.

The girl also explained to the police that where she had been hit, it hurt so badly that after sitting down for a short time, she had to get up.

According to police, witnesses also informed authorities that they had found BBs on the ground outside the door of the suspect’s home.

According to police, when confronted with the incident, Davis denied any involvement. According to the probable cause statement, he was unwilling to give police consent to search his apartment or vehicle for anything that looked like a gun.

An AP&P agent was brought into the investigation and discussed the matter with Davis. According to police, after the conversation with the officer, Davis consented to the search.

After a search of the home, police found a BB gun matching the description that had been provided by the victim.

According to police, Davis was a restricted person on parole at the time he was taken into custody.

Davis was incarcerated in the Utah County Jail under investigation for aggravated assault and possession of a weapon by a restricted person. Both are third degree felonies.

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