Liberal outrage over Christmas time from Biden to hypocritical Brandon

I hope the producers of the presidency of “The Truman Show” had a good Christmas. There is no doubt that they have been working overtime lately.

But even with the exceptional efforts of President Biden’s management team, the real world is starting to enter the Biden bubble and it’s fascinating to watch.

The most recent example occurred on Christmas Eve when the President and the First Lady hosted NORAD’s annual wacky Santa follow-up call to the White House.

An Oregon dad ended his family’s conversation with the President by signing “Merry Christmas and let’s go Brandon.”

As (almost) everyone knows, this popular phrase originated during a NASCAR race in Talladega when winning racing driver Brandon Brown was interviewed by an NBC reporter. The rowdy Alabama crowd started chanting ‘F *** Joe Biden’ and the reporter, in a hilarious attempt to limit the damage, said, ‘You can hear the crowd chanting,’ Let’s go, Brandon! “”

The phrase instantly became a sensation on the Internet. Not to mention that after many failed attempts (think Build Back Better), Joe Biden finally had a catchy tagline that people could remember.

“Let’s go Brandon!” Even need to be explained more? Most Americans know exactly what this means and how it started. The same cannot be said for Joe Biden.

It became evident during the NORAD phone call that the President of the United States had no idea that he was the victim of a prank. In fact, Biden quickly echoed the man’s sentiment when he replied, “Come on Brandon. I agree.”

While the entire 20 second incident seemed hilarious to many, some people (including myself) found it a bit sad. The leader of the free world is so far away that he doesn’t even understand when he’s the butt of a joke, live on TV.

At times like this, it’s hard not to feel a little sympathy for the failing 79-year-old.

But just when I found myself pitying Joe, the far left reminded me of the crass double standards that led to this charade of a presidency.

Blue Checks rushed in to tweet their horror at the classless behavior of this Oregon dad.

Journalist Aaron Rupar said: “When you sum it up, all you mean by ‘let’s go brandon’ is people who hated Biden anyway found a cute way to tell him to f off by public without losing their jobs or suffering other consequences. “

When Robert DeNiro said “F—- Trump” at the Tony Awards in 2018, the only consequence he faced was receiving a standing ovation from hordes of hypocritical liberals. Now those same Beautiful People are hanging on to this indecent behavior.

The bogus outrage is predictable. The Spectator’s Amber Athey summed up the double standard by pointing out that the same media figures who “worshiped a woman on a bicycle flipping Trump’s motorcade” are now “apoplexy that someone said” Let’s Go Brandon. “

It’s strange the Oregon man could so easily slip through the cracks and line up with Joe Biden. Normally, Lunch Bucket Joe is protected from this kind of lese majesty by his Praetorian Guard of Baghdad Bobs.

His caregivers built him a fake White House set with green screen windows and a teleprompter. Occasionally, Biden responds to questions from a list of pre-approved “journalists”.

At one point, the White House live broadcast began playing soft jazz elevator music on the video stream as reporters shouted questions at the back of Biden’s head as he stood uncomfortably out of range of the camera.

But lately, even with all of these precautions, Biden’s incompetence and unpopularity cannot be concealed. When Biden hits the road promoting his failed agenda, he often encounters protesters and boos. Worse yet, lately even a few of the obsequious press activists have started asking Joe questions about issues like home COVID-19 testing and inflation.

This administration is dedicated to suppressing dissent whenever and wherever it arises, whether in school board meetings, in the Red State legislatures, or on Fox News sets. But perhaps there are now too many criticisms for them to deal with.

Maybe the phone controller at the Santa Claus follow-up event was also in charge of trying to keep Biden awake and just couldn’t multitask. Next time around, Joe is expected to take inspiration from Vice President Kamala Harris and hire professional actors to pose as pro-Biden parents.

Harris struggled to star in a Craters of the Moon YouTube series with a group of paid Hollywood child actors, but hey – at least the kids stayed on the script.

Biden’s make-believe world, built on gas lighting and chocolate chip ice cream, crumbles. But like a blockbuster reality TV show, this train wreck is making viewers tune in on a daily basis.

At the end of “The Truman Show,” protagonist Truman Burbank said, “I knew this show was fake from the start. It was my amazing acting that fooled everyone.

America knows this show is bogus, but Biden isn’t an amazing actor, and he’s certainly not cheating on anyone.

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