Letters to the Argus-Courier editor April 22, 2022

An Easter lesson

EDITOR: Anti-Semitic violence and other intimidation against Jews in our country is on the increase. We, the undersigned Christian leaders serving the people of Petaluma, denounce this open hatred towards our Jewish sisters and brothers.

We sadly recognize that while anti-Semitism continues to mutate into new forms, the roots of this injustice go deep into our own Christian tradition. There is evidence that religious strife had begun to escalate into sectarian animosity from the time of the writing of the New Testament itself. This gave rise to a distorted view of Jesus, prevalent throughout the centuries in the church, which obscured the fact that he himself was a Jew.

It hurts us to think that there are still Christians who teach that “the Jews killed Jesus”. In fact, Jesus was not executed as a religious heretic – the punishment for that was stoning. He was crucified because that was how Roman law treated rebellious slaves and political subversives.

For Christians to perpetuate the historical lie is bad enough – to imply that this lie justifies contempt for the Jewish religion or hostility to the Jewish people is to go against everything Jesus taught and preached. in his lifetime. It is an affront to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our calling as Christian people is to stand up for those who are oppressed, to treat everyone with respect and dignity, to speak out against injustice, and to work for peace among all of God’s people. We do these things alongside our Jewish neighbors, who do so by listening to the voices of the Hebrew prophets who also inspired Jesus.

In this Holy Week, as Christians, let us listen to Jesus’ command to love God and to love others. As we walk in our annual observance of the Passion of Christ, let us be clear that we reject teachings that sow the seeds of anti-Semitism and embrace those that are compatible with Jesus’ life of compassion and justice.

Shalom for all the children of God,

Reverend Daniel Currie Green; St. John’s Episcopal Church, Petaluma; Reverend Laurie Warren; deacon, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Petaluma; Reverend Robert Hermann; Petaluma United Methodist Church, Petaluma; Reverend Kathryn Ann Gulbranson; Elim Lutheran Church, Petaluma; Reverend John Chase; First Presbyterian Church, Petaluma; Reverend Jason Hubbard; United Church of Christ, Petaluma

A vote for Hooper

EDITOR: Over the years, windy days cause PTSD for our community. We learned to organize during the most destructive wildfires in California history, inflicting great losses. During the Tubbs fire, we heard news of our immigrant community heading to the beaches because they were too scared to seek refuge without any information in their language. These fires have brought to the surface vast inequalities in Sonoma County.

Fast forward to 2022 and we still have advocates like North Bay Jobs with Justice and NBOP sending letters to our supervisors with clear recommendations on wildfire evacuation zone policies and how to develop an inclusive and culturally appropriate emergency operations plan for our county.

It is unacceptable that Supervisor Rabbitt, who has had time to affirm his support for a clear evacuation zone policy, is only going out for one campaign season. The Los Cien forum made it clear that Blake Hooper was most critical of the county’s response to equity, diversity and racism.

Blake Hooper will work with farms to ensure farms have certified and tested evacuation plans that take workers into account.

Blake Hooper will be truly committed to language access, ensuring the county communicates in the language spoken by agricultural workers.

Blake Hooper will hold regular town halls and community meetings in rural areas, with language access and ensuring farm workers can attend.

Zahyra Garcia (They/They)

Ad hoc member of the ACC

Thanks to the first responders

EDITOR: I love my community and have an unwavering respect for the fire department that saved my home on Garfield Drive from being engulfed by the massive fireball that was my neighbor’s house on April 7th. So much has happened since that horrible sunset.

Let me first congratulate the firefighter a little more. When the first truck arrived they immediately set out to stop the fire from spreading (it was so close to our house!) and it worked! A fan was installed in our garage to vent the smoke, and it worked! We ended up with minimal smoke damage. These amazing and knowledgeable firefighters even wiped their feet clean before walking through the house checking the attics and giving us the go-ahead.

Yes, we have fire damage to the house that will need to be repaired, but nothing like this could have been. Thanks to the first responders!

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