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Brian kahn

Still water

For the publisher:

Our city leaders tell us that we have to pay almost ten cents in sales tax on every dollar spent (including food) if we are to improve roads. Note that the city’s sales and use tax collection is ahead of budget at existing levels (News Press, 12/22/21). Then, one wonders, are current transport policies logical and are funds being used efficiently?

Case in point: New signs have appeared on streets like Western Road and 12th Avenue stating: “Bicycles can use any lane; change lanes to pass. We paid for an active transportation corridor (or a politically correct name) along Western which is so wide it actually has stripes down its middle. Wasn’t the idea that this oversized sidewalk would remove bicycles and pedestrians from the grip of motor vehicles in order to improve safety?

The 12th Avenue situation is even more questionable, as the reconstructed street has dedicated cycle lanes. Are we to believe that all these costly improvements are not yet sufficient to encourage bicycles to take a full lane in the automobile right-of-way? What message does this send to cyclists, especially children: ride where you want, cars should watch over you? These policies defy common sense, and those who enact them do not deserve more of our tax dollars.

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