Letters and comments: January 23, 2022

We need to keep the brush habitat intact

Maintaining scrub habitat in the form of low brush and bushes is essential for threatened scrub jays. Land was purchased and set aside for scrub jays, gopher tortoises, and indigo snakes as developers built on the rest of the county. Jays live in families and one of them acts as a sentinel watching out for predators. Large trees are home to predators like hawks.

When I served on the EELS Recreation and Education Committee, Murray Hahn represented the 400-member bike club. He said bikers like trees to rest in the shade. I said if it’s too hot to ride a bike, don’t go. Or ride a bike down a residential street with trees. Preserve the only remaining bird habitat for their survival.

Beverly Morgan, Viera

The struggle for equity, justice in schools

A word of support to the Brevard School Board for supporting teacher education based on evidence-based practices, regarding the January 19 education article.

The Mindful Discipline Methodology is an evidence-based mental health and addictions intervention designed to improve problem solving and discipline in our children’s classrooms. Some angry parents have decided to call this program “critical race theory” simply because they found the word “equity” in the literature. Groups like Moms for Liberty claim to fight extremist ideas while making their own disingenuous and disingenuous claims. There is nothing wrong with striving for equity and justice in our schools.

Ken Ludwa, Indialantic

To save the remaining endangered scrub jays there, thousands of trees, including a few hundred yards of old oak hammocks that shade the trails at Malabar Scrub Sanctuary, must go, Brevard County officials say.

The Sirois Herbarium bill should be sunk

Alright, I’m confused. House Bill 349 filed by Rep Tyler Sirois doesn’t make sense. If seagrass mitigation efforts have not yielded the desired result, why would anyone support this legislation? Developers could destroy one area and buy mitigation credits in another. Oh good?

It will be a long road to recovery as it is now without further jeopardizing the health of our lagoon (one of Brevard County’s many natural gems) by allowing further development. Leave it alone and let nature heal itself.

Karen Adair Croft, Rockledge

Law enforcement deserve support

With the twin plagues of political inaccuracy and mass media bias, law enforcement across this great nation is being brutally beaten.

I was recently involved in an incident where a deputy from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office presented a great example of a decent person doing a job that was always potentially perilous with nothing but precision – professional, polite, thorough and comprehensive.

This deputy clearly demonstrates what most of the media, constrained by an insane agenda, do not put forward. Grant these brave and helpful people, who squarely put their lives on the line every day for the good of society, the civility and respect we all so desperately need in this deeply troubled world.

Jon Leone, Grant

Politics should not play a role in this crisis

FLORIDA TODAY’s January 21 editorial was perfect. What nonsense the Florida Department of Health is practicing. Your comparisons with a dentist and a military commander are quite relevant.

Vaccination and mask issues have become purely political rather than scientific, another harmful impact of our national divisions. Politics should play no role in this health crisis. DeSantis likes to portray Florida as a free state, but history shows that certain freedoms – especially unwarranted freedoms – lead to disaster. The key is to balance freedoms against common sense and public health, a balancing act that trained professionals in society should discuss. Dr. Pino is such a professional. Disagreements between professionals should eventually lead to sound decisions – the more input, the better.

Dr. Pino would be accused of hypocrisy if he ignored his training and science. Looks like he’s damned anyway.

Peggy Jacobson, Melbourne Beach

A suspended doctor is the ‘voice of reason’

On the suspension of Orange County Health Department Administrator Dr. Raul Pino: Someone is extremely jealous of the good doctor’s abilities and popularity. He has been the primary advocate and source of accurate knowledge for county residents since the pandemic began.

Nowhere in the email (as shown on TV) does it require anyone to get vaccinated; he says it’s ridiculous, the low number of employees who aren’t. This negates the reason for the case/state health department investigation – such a waste of time and money.

Dr. Pino has been the voice of reason and knowledge and deserves the respect of the people, not the criticism for speaking the truth.

Garey Hartman, Melbourne

Don Landgren, USA TODAY Network

No insurrection? Leave me alone

Bill Mick, in his January 12 column, says January 6, 2021 was a “protest,” not an insurrection or riot. According to its own dictionary definition, insurrection is “a generally violent attempt to gain control of government”. Rioters violently invaded the halls of Congress to prevent the certification of the duly elected president and vice president.

He says there was little organization. Why then are 11 members of the Oath Keepers activists being charged with ‘seditious conspiracy’ with prison terms of up to 20 years?

His point #1: “It wasn’t even close to an insurrection.” He also states that the protesters are “actually mostly peaceful. A few … have decided to violate the Capitol.” Some? Leave me alone.

Be real. A legitimate protest is fine; but when four people die, hundreds of Capitol police are injured, and the United States Capitol is taken over by an angry mob, it’s an insurrection.

Tom Wickham, Indialantic

Forget January 6: Congress has work to do

While Congress wastes its time prosecuting bogus insurgents, Rome burns. The IRS has over 34 million unprocessed 2020 tax returns and millions of unopened matches. They just announced that the number of unprocessed returns in 2021 will be even higher.

Now their automated delinquency system has gone live and they are sending delinquency notices to innocent taxpayers who have filed returns not yet processed by the IRS.

Another area that is being overlooked: college tuition fees which have been rising at rates faster than inflation. At the same time, endowment funds grew from $10.9 million in 1970 to $647.9 billion in 2018, a growth rate of 25.1% per year. Rather than using the revenue from these funds, as permitted by law, to cut tuition fees, universities are building administrative staff and factories and offering football coaches absurdly expensive contracts.

Congress needs to start focusing on these real issues before they burn.

Raymond J. Land, satellite beach

Participants cross the 16th Street Bridge in support of the right to vote for all during the Deliver For Voting Rights march in Phoenix on January 15, 2022.

“The Senate is broken”

Republican state legislatures do extreme things to gain electoral advantage. Restrict access to voting through techniques such as strategically closing polling stations (over 1,700) and restricting voting hours and the ability to vote by mail. Also, replacing nonpartisan ballot administrators with partisans to promote a list of voters who do not represent the outcome of the vote.

Senate Republicans are doing nothing to defend a fair electoral process. Not a single one of the 16 current Republican senators, who voted unanimously in 2005 to expand the Voting Rights Act of 1965, voted to support a one-time filibuster to debate and vote on the law. on Joe Manchin’s freedom to vote and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Not one. Unfortunately, Manchin and Sinema voted with the Republicans. Even when a majority of Republican, Democrat and independent voters support both bills.

The Senate is broken. Republicans are totally united against supporting any part of Biden’s agenda. The only exception to this filibuster was last month’s filibuster to allow the debt ceiling increase to pass with just 51 Democratic votes. McConnell finds it easy to create a filibuster exclusion when it suits his purposes. In this case, to avoid being blamed for an international financial disaster.

This time, McConnell held his 50-person caucus better than Schumer’s 50. These 52 senators represent 34 million fewer voters than the 48 Democrats. The minority reigns again. And a voting rights bill the Supreme Court asked of Congress is dead for now.

Jeff Dorman, Satellite Beach

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