Lectric XPremium drops mid-drive e-bike prices to new low

Lectric eBikes, the Phoenix-based e-bike company that built its name on affordable e-bikes, today opened orders for its newest model: the Lectric XPremium. Newly Unveiled Folding Electric Bike Sets New Industry Low Price For High-Performance Mid-Motor Electric Bikes at only $1,799.

While we’ve occasionally seen mid-drive e-bikes with lower sticker prices, they’re generally underpowered and have limited speed and range.

But the Lectric XPremium not only hits Class 3 speeds of 45 km/h (28 mph) from a peak 800-watt motor, it also comes with two batteries for long-distance riding.

The pair of 48V 10.4Ah batteries add up to one kilowatt hour of capacity, approximately 50% more battery life than the industry average. That translates to a throttle-only range of around 50 miles or 80 km, or a pedal-assisted range of more than twice that figure. Unlike most dual-battery e-bikes that charge several hundred dollars for the second battery, the XPremium offers the dual packs as standard equipment.

The mid-drive motor of the Lectric XPremium also includes a torque sensor, which means pedal assist is natural and intuitive as it is applied based on how hard the rider is pedaling at any given time. I know this because I had the chance to get a first ride on the bike, which you can see in my first ride video below.

The price of the Lectric XPremium sent shockwaves through the industry when it was first announced due to its significant underpricing compared to most other high-powered mid-drive e-bikes. But the move was normal at Lectric, since the brand is known for its affordable prices.

Lectric rose to fame and developed a cult following for its Lectric XP 1.0 and Lectric XP 2.0 electric bikes, which were launched only $899 and $999respectively, while offering legal maximum speeds for e-bikes.

Last month, the company launched a lower-performance but significantly lighter model known as the Lectric XP LITE, which was priced at only $799 and became one of the only 48V-based e-bikes at this price point.

Both the Lectric XP 2.0 and XP LITE were aimed at the lower end of the e-bike price bracket to appeal to bargain shoppers who still wanted a more capable option.

But the higher performance and higher quality parts of the Lectric XPremium now pushes Lectric into a more premium product class, competing more closely with the $3,000 mid-drive e-bikes that also offer more powerful motors. , hydraulic disc brakes, oil-damped suspension and more with next-level features like those of XPremium.

Yet at just $1,799Lectric eBikes has flipped the script on what these more capable mid-drive e-bikes can cost, while including parts like racks, fenders, and integrated LED lighting as standard equipment.

After testing the bike myself for an afternoon at Lectric’s Phoenix headquarters, the only real downside I could find was the heavy 75-pound weight. Other than that, the compact folding frame and powerful mid-motor made it a joy to use. I was able to put it in my rental car and cruise around town to the best riding spots – something few fat tire e-bikes can do.

I can’t wait for the chance to spend more time on the bike soon for a closer look, but I can already give it two thumbs up and proclaim it as the best value mid-bike workout out there. electricity on the market, without exception.

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