Largo bike store sees businesses explode amid pandemic


LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) – Dan Block has been training a lot lately. Block owns the D&S bicycle shop on Walsingham Road in Largo and the coronavirus is making him work overtime.

“It was crazy. Everyone who has had their bikes got them, ”said Block, who regularly repairs these bikes. “Or they buy them from Walmart and they want to put them together, and hey, I’m going to do that.”

Dan Block has owned a bike shop in Pinellas County for 42 years and remembers the last time there was a business boom like this.

Block explains that with gyms and beaches closed, there are few places to exercise and now many are choosing to cycle.

Block specializes in renting bikes and sells a few second-hand bikes alongside, but lately they can’t keep a used inventory in stock.

“I’m limited in choices right now,” Block said. “I don’t sell my rental fleet because it’s counterproductive.

A viewer uploaded a photo of a local big box store where the bicycle racks were nearly empty.

Mary Lou Heym has just bought her new bike. It winters in Pinellas County and spends the summers in the north. She, too, has trouble finding ways to occupy her time.

“Well I think everyone has the same idea,” Heym said. “You can’t just sit inside and watch the news all day. It would drive you crazy.

Block says he enjoys the company, but after several 80-hour work weeks, he would like to take a break from remembering the last time there was such a surge, but he was a little younger at the time. ‘era.

“When they first opened the Pinellas Trail,” Block said. “Everyone and their brother were pulling out their bikes that they hadn’t ridden in years.”


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