Johnny Depp will not testify, the defense of Amber Heard rests

by Amber Heard the legal team closed their case on Tuesday instead of calling Johnny Depp as expected.

Depp’s lawyer, BenChew, responded by filing a motion to dismiss Heard’s $100 million counterclaimalleging the actor defamed her through his attorney by calling her abuse allegations a hoax.

Chew argued that Heard presented no evidence that Depp wrote or was aware of the press statements made by his lawyer, Adam Waldman.

He expected his team to call Depp to fill that “gaping hole” in the evidence, but they didn’t.

Additionally, Heard cannot prove that Waldman made the statements with “genuine malice,” Chew said. Judge Penney Azcarate in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia.

The motion to strike was dismissed by the judge.

Johnny Depp not called to testify

Heard’s team announced yesterday that they will not call Johnny Depp to the stand, as planned.

the Pirates of the Caribbean The star was due to testify this week by his ex-wife’s lawyers.

However, in a press release, his lawyers said “recalling Depp to the helm would be as relevant to us as a bicycle to a fish”.

“Everything Depp has testified to so far has not been relevant to the heart of this case, and there is no reason to think it would be any different now,” they added.

Depp’s legal team expects him to return to the stand as a rebuttal witness. Kate Mosshis ex-girlfriend, is also due in court.

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