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This is the fun live report from the Indy 500 – so anything but the actual race. If you are looking for that too, you can find it here.

After two years of the pandemic, the Indianapolis 500 is back in full swing, and we’re READY.

Of course there will be cars on the track, but we are here to celebrate. No crowd restrictions mean the return of the Snake Pit and infield and full lots and stands – we’re back for the ultimate party and people-watching experience.

Missing? You’re in luck: we are professional observers. Follow IndyStar for the sights and sounds of the 2022 Indy 500.

Lily: The Indy 500 is ready for a return to full glory, and Doug Boles has a secret

Join the IndyStar Treasure Hunt!

Journalist Claire Rafford takes over IndyStar Instagram story today, and she’ll be sharing scenes as she walks through IMS today.

Follow us on Instagram as we take you on an Indy-500 scavenger hunt. IndyStar If you’re out today, follow us and let us know what you see! We are looking for:

  • Jorts (long and short)
  • American flag suit and romper
  • Plaid suit
  • Flip flops
  • CamelBak filled with alcohol
  • Obscure drinking game – and we need to get the rules explained
  • A pork tenderloin bigger than someone’s face
  • Copy of the IndyStar (obviously)
  • An Indy 500 themed tattoo
  • An Indiana celebrity
  • Someone celebrating their first Indy 500
  • Shotgunning Beers
  • A… unusual sunburn…
  • Tarp in a truck bed
  • Birks with AND without socks
  • A distant state license plate

The party has already started

Concerts at the Snake Pit don’t start until 8:15 a.m., but people are already lining up for the show. We already had our Carb Day and Legends Day concerts (rock and country respectively), so today for EDM fans. Here is the Snake Pit 2022 lineup:

  • 8:15 a.m.: Yellow Claw
  • 9:15 am: Steve Aoki
  • 10:30 am: deadmau5
  • 12:50 Martin Garrix
  • 2:35 p.m.: Galantis

Welcome back, racing fans!

After a very rainy week, the sun is expected to return to central Indiana today – and with it, heat and humidity. (It wouldn’t be summer in Indiana if you didn’t feel like drinking the air, would it?)

The National Weather Service expect sunny conditions with highs of 85. Some wind is expected with occasional gusts. Basically, stay hydrated and don’t forget that sunscreen!

It’s 6 a.m., the gates to Snake Pit open in an hour, and the race doesn’t officially start until around 12:45 p.m. In the meantime, we have some fun tips, tricks and trivia that you might be interested in:

Upcoming road closures

As of 7 a.m., Georgetown Road south of 25th Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic. To reach the Georgetown Road parking lots after 7:00 a.m., traffic coming from 25th Street must use Auburn Road, and traffic coming from Crawfordsville Road must use Winton Avenue.

Around 9-9:30 a.m., watch out for cyclists weaving through traffic on Michigan Road toward Speedway. They participate in the annual “Bike to the 500” group ride with the help of a police escort.

Beginning at approximately 11 a.m., 16th Street will close from Olin Avenue to Main Street at Speedway. Polco Street, which is between 10th and 16th Streets, will also close at this time.

Still packing? Don’t bring these things

You may have heard that Indianapolis Motor Speedway has reversed its ban on coolers in the Snake Pit. But there are still a lot of things you’re better off leaving at home.

Some common items should be omitted from the packing list, such as selfie sticks, spray cans, glass bottles, and coolers larger than 18 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches.

And then there’s a list of things you might not think to bring, but somebody has surely and now we have to tell you that they are not allowed: rollerblades, skateboards, skates, pogo sticks, bicycles, hoverboards, mountain bikes, mini-bikes, golf carts, scooters, platforms, trampolines, scaffolds , drones, lasers, fireworks, weapons, anything illegal.

Of course there’s a lot of you box bring, such as non-commercial personal cameras, binoculars, scanners and helmets, CamelBak water bottles, camera stands and flags and umbrellas (as long as they don’t obstruct someone’s view another).

For more details and a complete list, visit

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