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Höganäs has launched a new generation of electric motors, specially developed for electric bicycles and light vehicles. The engine combines reduced weight and a more compact design with high performance, thanks to the use of metal powder technology. The launch took place in Shanghai during the World Expo, as the electric bicycle market is the fastest growing in China and other Asian countries. The driving force is the demand for cost-effective, flexible and environmentally friendly means of transport.

As part of the Swedish pavilion’s inauguration at the Shanghai World Expo this week, Höganäs AB launched a new motor for e-bikes, especially aimed at China and other Asian markets. The motor is made from powdered metal components, which provides a unique combination of low cost, low weight and high performance.

“We chose the bicycle motor as the first application when we introduced our new motor concept. The bicycle motor is very difficult, in terms of performance and cost, but we are convinced that we have a unique product. It is lighter than other electric motors and in the electric bicycle it has a good range, up to 75 kilometers, thanks to a high efficiency ”, comments the CEO of the Höganäs group, Alrik Danielson.

“The electric bicycle motor is a good example of the power of powder. It is a very efficient and very compact motor for direct drive applications. By combining high power to weight with a modular design, the motor is suitable for a wide range of applications in addition to electric bicycles, such as scooters, other light electric vehicles, pumps, fans and generators ”, continues Alrik Danielson.

The engine has been developed to minimize the environmental impact. The stator is made from metal powder made from scrap metal, and the design of the motor allows for very efficient recycling. Plus, it uses fewer rare earth magnets and copper wires than comparable conventional electric motors.

During the fall of 2010, Höganäs will market this unique motor concept to end users in various suitable application segments, starting with the bicycle industry. Höganäs intends to license and outsource the production of the engines.

“With this bicycle motor, we want to show that we have the technology to support the development of innovative electric motor applications. By presenting it at the World Expo, Höganäs wants to contribute to the image of Swedish industry as an entrepreneur. and innovative. ” says Alrik Danielson.

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