GM’s BrightDrop acquires AI software from tech start-up Marain

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GM’s BrightDrop acquires fleet optimization software from California-based tech startup Marain Inc. BrightDrop will integrate Marain’s AI-powered software into its ecosystem of last-mile solutions to analyze, forecast and identify multi-modal solutions for fleet customers as they plan their journey to full fleet electrification .

BrightDrop will integrate this technology into its software solution to model the efficiencies that can be achieved when customers adopt new technologies such as BrightDrop Zevo and BrightDrop Trace products for these multi-leg delivery and logistics scenarios.

This software enhancement will also help BrightDrop customers see exactly what efficiencies are possible and how to capture them, which will help reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

Rachad Youssef, Chief Product Officer at BrightDrop, said, “We are bringing whole new ways of doing business to the delivery market by offering a holistic, one-stop-shop portfolio of first-to-last mile solutions that enable fleet customers to do their jobs more efficiently while helping to ease the strain on the workforce and the environment. Part of this includes creating a software platform that leverages data and simulation to demonstrate how new technologies can work for them. This integration will take our software capabilities to new heights, while continuing to deliver as promised for our customers.

“The opportunity to electrify the delivery industry is huge, and it will benefit significantly from sophisticated scheduling and operations software as fleets introduce multimodal solutions,” adds Damien Scott, CEO and co-founder of Marain. “BrightDrop is extremely well positioned to lead the transformation of first-to-last-mile delivery with its integrated portfolio of vehicles, software and services. We are thrilled that Marain’s technology and expertise will uniquely add to BrightDrop’s software capabilities in helping to decarbonize the last mile at scale.

BrightDrop has secured over 25,000 EV production reservations, and its flagship vehicle, the BrightDrop Zevo 600, is currently in production and on the roads today with high-volume production beginning later this year.

BrightDrop is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors.

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