Get pre-Black Friday prices for these handy Honeywell e-bikes


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Looking for a new ride? The latest transportation trend is not just a phase, but a way of life, as bicycles are becoming the new cars. When looking for a bike, it’s safe to say that a wooden bike or a tandem bike that acts as a car engine isn’t the best choice no matter how interesting they may seem.

Honeywell Dasher 16 “Electric Folding Bike – $ 1359 after code SAVE15NOV; originally $1599

If you want a small but powerful bike for getting around city life, then the Honeywell Dasher 16 “Electric Folding Bike is for you. With a durable and lightweight magnesium frame and a removable battery built into the frame, the Dasher is the perfect fit. both a stylish and portable option. The patented “swingarm” is the foldable design incorporated into the frame for durability, preventing wear and tear during transport. A reliable braking system and double-ended suspension provide the safety you need when moving and stopping You can also avoid worrying about weather conditions or time of day, thanks to the waterproof handlebar’s backlit LCD display that instantly shows the remaining charge, the speedometer, odometer, pedal assist level, etc. efficient and functional option for city dwellers.

Honeywell El Capitan Electric Mountain Bike – $ 1615 after the code SAVE15NOV; originally $1899

If you are looking for outdoor adventures, the Honeywell El Capitan Electric Mountain Bike will satisfy your thrilling outdoor activities. The El Capitan has been designed with performance and comfort in mind, with a large capacity removable frame and a powerful 500W motor, which gives you the strength and ability to navigate difficult terrain. Longevity while commuting is not an issue as the built-in Panasonic battery from El Capitan has been rated for 800 charge cycles, proving its superiority. Wondering about uphill performance? You do not have to. Responsive 180mm Shimano mechanical disc brakes and a motor with five levels of pedal assistance available up to 100% power included, will alleviate any worries you might have as you approach the uphill and twisty mountains. The El Capitan Electric Bike is available in a navy blue or anthracite color and with premium mountain bike tires designed to withstand the roughest days of nature lovers looking for a reliable bike.

Honeywell El Capitan X Electric Mountain Bike – $ 1700 after code SAVE15NOV; originally $1999

For seasoned riders who want the ease of an electric bike, but the performance of a real mountain bike, the Honeywell El Capitan X Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect hybrid combination. The “X” factor that sets this bike apart from the rest are the 26 “wide tires that give you the durability and power you need to get through more difficult terrain. The El Capitan X also packs a 500 hub motor. W with five levels of pedal assistance available up to 100% power included, allowing you to customize and adjust to suit your surroundings.An uneven road will not be a problem with the high performance steering wheel suspension giving you allows you to control a smoother ride.Ride in all weather conditions with the built-in removable Panasonic battery and waterproof LCD handlebar display.The El Capitan X is available in blue or black and is an option for riders who want to spend a little more to have a two-for-one experience.

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