Gates Announces All-Star Team of Adventure Riders as Official Brand Ambassadors

  • The Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt system is perfect for the extreme pedal adventures of Kamran Ali, Ryan Van Duzer, Tristan Bogaard and Belén Castelló.
  • The partnership shines a light on the shared values ​​of life on a bike, sustainable travel and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels.
  • Read and watch their amazing stories on

DENVER, April 11, 2022

“Whether it’s the Central American jungle, the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan, or -20°C temperatures, belt drive has always prevailed.” – Kamran Ali

“Adventure is wherever there is an open sky and an open mind.” –Ryan Van Duzer

“We travel by bicycle because seeing the world from a saddle and two wheels is extremely different from any other way of travelling.” – Tristan and Belen

These are just a few pearls of wisdom from the ambassadors who have joined forces with Gates (NYSE: GTES), the world’s leading supplier of belt drive systems for personal mobility. Their experiences are now documented together on a brand new site,, dedicated to the awesome challenges of adventure cycling and the spirit of adventure itself.

The site follows the adventures of cyclists Kamran Ali, Ryan Van Duzer, Tristan Bogaard and Belén Castelló, who have traveled the world on bikes equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt system. These riders share incredible and inspiring photographs, videos, and their “reasons why” adventure cycling has become their way of life.

Kamran Ali’s first chainless adventure began at the tip of Argentina, where he embarked on a four-year, 20,000-mile journey on a Stevens P18 trekking bike fitted with a Gates CDX belt drive. and a Pinion gearbox, to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Alaska. “The duo of a Pinion and Gates Carbon Drive gearbox allowed me to enjoy the ride and focus on the people, places, nature and weather rather than wasting time on maintenance. bike.”

Ryan Van Duzer is a travel journalist, bike advocate and, like Gates Carbon Drive, was also born and raised near the Rocky Mountains. He drives a Priority 600x Adventure, equipped with the Gates CDX system and a 12-speed Pinion gearbox. His latest adventure took him from the top of Montana to the bottom of the Mexican border along the famous Great Divide mountain bike route. “My bike is an extension of me. It has reached me all over the world and allowed me to make friends with people I would never have met otherwise. There is something paramount about being so exposed, yet so self-contained, setting the pace of my life and always moving forward,” Ryan shared.

Tristan and Belen recently upgraded from chain and derailleur to Gates CDX plus Pinion bulletproof drivetrain on their All Terrain Outback Xplore 29. “Riding a bike is the best way to connect with the planet we call home,” shared Tristan Bogaard and Belén Castelló, whose first belted trip will be added to the site later this month. “For me, it’s all about maintenance. I think these bikes are super cool because we don’t have to think about replacing parts very often,” Tristan said.

Launched in 2007, after extensive laboratory testing, the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt system has consistently proven to excel in extreme environments due to its unique combination of polyurethane compound, carbon fiber tensile cords and design patented anti-debris CenterTrack sprocket. Offering three times the life of traditional chain drives, the clean, quiet, smooth, strong and essentially maintenance-free CDX system is ideal for rigorous biking adventures as well as the high torque demands of today’s demanding biking applications electricity and freight. .

“In our 15 years in business, we’ve seen so many adventure riders from around the world challenge our CDX belt drive system in some truly spectacular places. Extreme riding requires extreme durability, and we’re grateful to our ambassadors for trusting our products and testing them to the ends of the earth.” “We hope to celebrate and inspire cyclists everywhere to explore more on the bike, whether in their own community or beyond,” said Joe Menzel, vice president of global mobility at Gates.

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