electric bike: Voltrix Mobility enters the segment of electric bikes and launches the “Tresor” office commuter bike at Rs 55,999

Voltrix Mobility, based in Mumbai, Chennai, announced on Wednesday its foray into the e-bike segment with the launch of the “Tresor” office commuter bike for the urban segment, at an introductory price of Rs 55,999. also said it plans to roll out two more products over the next six months to address other segments and that it plans to capture 4-5% market share by 2024.

The electric bike with a 250 watt motor and a removable built-in lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need for charging stations offers a range of 60-80 km per charge and with a top speed of 25 km / h (km / h) ), the company said. in a report.

The bike also comes with five levels of pedal assistance, an accelerator-only (like a conventional bike) and a manual pedaling mode, he said.

The statement added that it can be booked with an upfront payment of Rs 999, while deliveries are expected to start from the third week of this month.

“Electric bikes are essential for our country to be a healthy ‘young India’. I am convinced that Voltrix will become a whole new alternative for safe, pleasant and healthy transport for the urban population ”, said the founder and CEO of Voltrix Mobility, Viveak M Palanivasan.

Voltrix Mobility Chairman Kumar Loganathan said the company has identified some key areas and has clear plans to establish an electronic components manufacturing plant for the e-bike segment in India.

“We are aiming to reach 150 outlets in six urban cities by 2024 in order to occupy 4 to 5% of the market share with more than 40,000 Voltrix electric bikes circulating on Indian roads,” he said. .

Its founder and CTO, Sakthivigneshwar R, said: “Tresor, being our first product line from Voltrix, is designed and developed specifically for office workers. With an average city speed of between 16 and 20 km / h, cycling will help you reach your destination faster and more efficiently. ”

He added that the company will launch two more products over the next six months, catering to different customer profiles.

The company said it also provides easy financing options for customers to purchase the bike.

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