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On December 16, the Elk Grove Planning Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the conditional use permit for the expansion of the Elk Grove Muslim Center.

This project, which is located near the intersection of Campbell Road and Elk Grove-Florin Road, involves the construction of an 18,470 square foot community center. Its height will vary from 29 feet 6 inches to 48 feet 11 inches at the top of its steeple.

The new structure will include prayer rooms, a gymnasium, offices, a library and three classrooms. This facility will provide seating for the centre’s Sunday school program, which has approximately 70 students.

Kyra Killingsworth, senior planner for the town of Elk Grove, described some of the details of this future community center.

“It has a variety of roof plans, it has a sense of entry, articulation, heights, a variety of materials, and the different roof plans help with mass and volume,” he said. she declared. “It is also located at a distance from every property line, which helps to solve any type of problem regarding the massive mass of the building.”

The property is surrounded by existing residential land to the south, west and east, and residential and light industrial properties to the north side.

A 3,000-square-foot modular building is already located on this 7.2-acre site, which has both agricultural-residential and rural-residential zoning.

This structure is currently used for the centre’s youth and educational program, church services and community events.

Once the new community center is complete, the modular building will be used to store items such as tables and chairs.

Samihullah Tokhi, who represented the owner of the property at the meeting, stressed the need for a larger building on this property.

“This limited space (of the modular building) is also unfair when we try to accommodate different groups and programs simultaneously,” he said. “Just for an example, a few weeks ago our group of young boys wanted to hold a meeting, but couldn’t because we had another conference at the same time. “

Local lawyer Amar Shergill was among the many speakers who called for the meeting to express their support for the project.

“Most importantly, I support this nomination and encourage all of you to do so, as these are exactly the kind of community partners we want in Elk Grove,” he said. “They want to expand their facilities over the years. They have been extraordinary partners in many community development projects. And it’s wonderful to see that they are expanding and investing in Elk Grove.

This project, subject to the noise limitations of the city’s municipal code, does not provide for an amplified outdoor sound system.

The three aisles of the site will be closed. The main driveway will be located next to Elk Grove-Florin Road.

There will be 24 bicycle rack spaces and approximately 220 car parking spaces on site. The latter number exceeds the required number of parking spaces of 37 spaces. Various types of fencing will be placed around the new building.

The improvement of the project will be the landscaping, including the addition of 132 new trees, as well as shrubs. The site currently has 27 trees, two of which will be felled.

The activities of this community center will include five prayer sessions per day, starting in the middle of the afternoon. Gatherings will accommodate 10 to 200 people, with Friday prayers attracting the largest number of people. Rush hours for the center will be 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday classes will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Due to additional future travel inside and outside this site, a left turn pocket will be added on Elk Grove-Florin Road.

Killingsworth mentioned that she had been advised by the city’s public works department that the left-turn pocket met minimum requirements for traffic conditions in that area. She noted that it will have the capacity to hold “up to 10 cars”.

Although the site includes part of the 100-year floodplain, no structures are planned to be built in this area of ​​the property.

During the Commissioners’ deliberation on this hearing point, Commissioner Sergio Robles spoke in favor of the project.

“This is what we do in the community,” he said. “We are on culture, we are on diversity, we are on inclusion. So, I like to see (this project).

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