Doubling your range of electric bikes? Priority launches bolt-on range extender battery

I ride an electric bike all the time. It’s kind of my thing. It’s great because I get an amazing riding experience without the pain and discomfort that normally comes from a long, strenuous pedal bike ride.

But nothing disrupts a good e-bike vibe as much as a low battery. Priority has therefore decided to nip this problem in the bud by introducing a range extender battery for its popular Current e-bike, doubling the capacity and thus doubling the range of the e-bike.

the priority current is a hybrid-style e-bike for commuters/recreation.

It’s a 28mph (45kph) e-bike featuring a mid-drive motor and internally geared hub, with a Gates Carbon Drive belt connecting the two to complete the drivetrain.

In other words, it’s already pretty awesome.

And it boasts great range thanks to its 500 Wh in-frame battery. I know this because I own one, and I usually get an average range of around 40 miles (64 km) per charge, although the company says you can go up to 50 miles (80 km) if you are using lower power. The Priority Current is my go-to fitness bike/city commuter. It’s the one I take when I want to get a good pedal spin (it doesn’t have a throttle, instead relies on pedal assist) and I know I won’t be hitting any off-road trails that day -the.

I liked the bike so much after reviewing it last year that I bought it from the company so I wouldn’t have to send it back. To be fair, they gave me a deal on it (Hey, some jerk had already put a bunch of miles on it and the bike was now “used”).

But sometimes I feel like doing a longer ride, especially on weekends when I have time to really put in a few miles.

I actually toyed with the idea of ​​buying a second battery to carry in my backpack on a long drive and then swapping it out a few hours later when I’m halfway through the drive. It’s no fun carrying a heavy e-bike battery on your back, though. there are backpacks designed for this with special compartments to carry a spare e-bike battery. But the batteries ride best where they’re meant to be: mounted on the bike itself.

And then this news landed on my desk: Priority introduced a new range extender battery. And that basically solves that problem for me.

As the company explains:

“Double the range of your current e-bike to make it the ultimate car replacement, long-distance commuter or all-day cruiser. Comes with a custom rear rack, the Current Battery Extender integrates with the existing Current system with simple household tools, providing up to 100 miles of uninterrupted riding.

It’s basically a second 500Wh battery that comes with its own rack and simply bolts to the back of the bike. It doubles your original capacity of 500Wh and also gives you a rack.

The Current’s taillight and brake light are already integrated into the rear fender, which means a rack won’t obscure it.

I had also toyed with the idea of ​​getting a rear rack for the bike to make it a bit more utilitarian for my runs around town, and so I feel like this news is sort of done for me (or people like me, which is the least selfish way to look at it).

It’s not a cheap option, priced at $799. But if you’re the kind of person who’s already drop more than $3,000 on a high-end mid-drive e-bike with belt drive AND you’re the type of person who wants to put in triple-digit miles in a single ride, it’s probably in your wheelhouse.

by Electrek Take

The price seems a little steep, but that’s kind of the state of things in the e-bike industry these days. Prices have risen for everything due to supply chain constraints and soaring demand, which has given the industry a kicker.

But in terms of functionality, I love this thing. The ability to simply bolt on a second battery to double your range in minutes is pretty impressive. I built mine range extender batteries for electric scooters before (I kind of have wrote the book on building DIY batteries), so it’s definitely an interesting product for me.

To be clear, most people probably won’t need a range extender battery. In fact, I’ve been doing well for over a year with a range of 40 miles from the stock battery. But I’ve often sought even more range, and it tickles that particular itch.

And all of this begs the question, “What about universal range extender batteries for e-bikes?” In this case, the Priority range extender is only suitable for the Priority e-bike, the Current. Theoretically this could be done for many e-bikes, but the idea is starting to fall apart in practice due to the lack of standardization in the e-bike industry. Each company has its own battery (or one of a dozen common designs) with its own connector (or alternatively, one of a dozen connectors).

I would like to see more standardization in the e-bike industry. But until then, range extenders like these will likely be brand-specific for the foreseeable future.

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