Did you win this Big Mac? Exercise bike seats spotted at McDonald’s; Christmas cracked collarbone + more on the live blog

There’s something very Black Mirror about it… show to try and escape the hamster wheel way of life… see where I’m going…

No talent show, but keep pedaling and you might have earned another bite of this Big Mac. Black Mirror tangent, addressed. On my second thought, where can you buy such an attractive Maccy D trainer. Tacx, Elite and Wahoo must be shaking in front of this one …

It’s apparently from Shanghai, well, that wouldn’t be here in the UK, would it? Imagine the outrage. Good luck getting a bike rack, not to mention the bike seats.

McDonald’s has made headlines over the years on road.cc, in large part because of its refusal to let cyclists use drive-thru. In July last year, the fast food chain told a cyclist in Stoke it was “dangerous” for him to pedal in the drive-thru, although motorcyclists are allowed.

> McDonald’s tells cyclist it is “dangerous” for them to use the drive-thru

Likewise, in January, a Congleton cyclist accused McDonald’s of discriminating against people who choose to avoid driving for unnecessary trips. The Golden Arches (or Ronald McDonald, depending on your point of view) responded by saying the decision was “for the health and safety of our employees and our customers.”

Of course, if you build a pedal car this can happen …

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