CyclingMikey ends up on the hood of a car during a confrontation with an angry motorist

In his 15 years of catching law-breaking and distracted drivers in the act, Mike van Erp has had his fair share of run-ins with angry motorists. But when the cycling activist, better known by his online alias CyclingMikey, decided to get in front of a motorist driving on the wrong side of the road, maybe he didn’t even expect the driver to continue. his way, sending Mike over the hood of the car in the process.

Dr Robert Davis, chairman of the Road Danger Reduction Forum, posted footage on Twitter of the remarkable incident, which happened earlier today on the outer circle of Regent’s Park in London, at a turn coined by Mikey as Gandalf Corner, one of his most recognizable places. to time drivers who make their way on the wrong side of the road to overtake other road users.

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Gandalf Corner is a nod to the scene from The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring in which the wizard, played by Sir Ian McKellen, says to a balrog: “You shall not pass!

Davis tweeted that he had just spotted his fellow traffic safety campaigner at Gandalf Corner, but before the couple could greet each other, Mikey spotted another motorist trying his luck by driving on the wrong side of the road.

Like the aforementioned wizard, Mikey then stood directly in front of the driver’s car, explaining to him that he was breaking the law. However, the motorist appeared to have none of this and continued driving briefly, while carrying a cyclist carrying a camera on his hood.

“Another hood trick,” Mikey tweeted later. “Blighter pushes me around the corner with his car.”

Fortunately, the dangerous maneuver of the driver was quickly interrupted by the appearance of the specialist intervention unit of the British transport police. According to Mike, the motorist at the time reversed “timidly”. Police then took Mikey, Robert and the driver’s details, which will be passed on to the Met.

Today’s incident was not the first time Mike had a dangerous encounter with an angry motorist. In January, he claimed he was attacked and his bike damaged after filming a driver using his phone while driving.

Mikey, whose efforts to bring drivers who break the law to justice are partly motivated by his experience as a teenager when his father was killed by a drunk driver, said that in 2019 alone he surprised 358 drivers – and two cyclists – breaking the law, with fines totaling tens of thousands of pounds after submitting footage to police.

He is well known for posting images on his YouTube channel of people he saw committing traffic violations, including a number of famous faces such as filmmaker Guy Ritchie, former boxer Chris Eubank and former Chelsea footballer and current Everton manager Frank. Lampard.

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