Could electric velomobiles change micromobility? Meet the Kinner Car

If you are a velomobile fan and like the retro style then I think you will find the Kinner car intriguing – and not just because of its hybrid car-bike nature. While the Kinner is described as a human-powered vehicle, you will always benefit from electric assistance.

Meet the Kinner. Credit: Kinner Car

Still a work in progress, the current prototype is 285cm long, 100cm wide and has a wheelbase of 220cm, which allows it to be legally classified as an electrically assisted bicycle – in Europe, at least.

It is suitable for two riders and has room for luggage under the hood.

The Kinner was created by guitar builder and restorer of classic vehicles Ari Jukka Luomaranta. I contacted him to find out more.

What type of electric motor will the vehicle use?

According to Luomaranta, the Kinner will use an auxiliary electric motor with automatic gears.

“It’s a very innovative design,” he explains. “The engine runs like a ghost, it just feels like someone is pushing you. It is also designed from the user’s point of view, so that the motor will maintain a constant cadence, without requiring any action on the part of the rider.

Moreover, you can activate the Kinner simply by using the corresponding app on your mobile.

Velomobile Kinner
Credit: Kinner Car

The goal, he further notes, is to have the Kinner fueled primarily by the muscles. For this reason, he focused on a lightweight design with a composite frame and road bike wheels.

At the same time, it is planned to develop two more variants of the vehicle: an even lighter “competzione” model without a motor, designed for exercise and racing, and a model without pedals, powered only by electricity.

Is the Kinner filling a gap in the micromobility market?

Micromobility is on the rise in cities around the world, and we are seeing more and more e-bikes, escooters, tricycles and quads on the streets. It made me wonder if there is a place for vehicles like the Kinner?

Luomaranta believes there will be a demand for this type of vehicle in the future.

For starters, the Kinner sums up a more social concept, he says. You can ride it with a friend, partner, relative, you name it. In addition, it is flexible and can be easily built in different variations to suit different social activities.

Luomaranta explains:

For example, [you can ride it] in resorts and areas where you want to move comfortably with someone without traffic regulations. You can ride a road bike and exercise together. You can travel with luggage like a tent and make long journeys easier than with an electric bike.

You can rent one and comfortably drive around the central areas of cities to see the attractions. It’s also a perfect sports car for dressing nicely and driving slowly down a zero-emission boulevard.

Kinner car
“You could go road biking and exercising together. »Credit: Kinner Car

In fact, Luomaranta believes that as European cities transform their core areas into low-emission zones, the Kinner could be a viable replacement for cars, providing comfort without any environmental impact.

“You can travel with luggage like a tent and take long trips.” Credit: Kinner Car

When will the Kinner be available?

The first deliveries will begin in April 2022 and the velomobile comes with a $ 17,448 price tag.

Luomaranta says they have already received orders and will begin manufacturing the first batch of six cars in early January.

The pedal car will come with a built-in sports watch, navigator and anti-theft system, but you also get customizable extras including windshield, mirrors, lights and indicators.

You can take a closer look at the Kinner in the video below:

I don’t know about you, but I would be very interested to see velomobiles spread, especially if they can combine a modern design with a classic retro look.

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