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COATESVILLE—The North Fourth Avenue and Fleetwood Street tunnel will permanently close and convert to a pedestrian underpass beginning Feb. 28. It will be closed to vehicular traffic. Early closure signs have been posted as preliminary work is underway. The planned walkway will allow safe passage of pedestrians to and from the eastbound and westbound Coatesville Station platforms, commuter parking, and surrounding neighborhoods.

According to Angela Watson, director of rail, freight, ports and waterways, PennDOT, current activities include implementing erosion and sedimentation controls, clearing and grubbing of the south side, l site excavation and soil management. Drivers will soon be directed to Third Avenue or N. Chester Avenue to join Coates Street. Improved road signs and lighting will be part of the standard features of the new station and PennDOT-funded pedestrian design.

“The City of Coatesville continues to move in a positive direction, and we are thrilled to see the overwhelming response from Amtrak, PennDOT, SEPTA and local stakeholders as this long-awaited transportation and safety project comes to fruition,” said Coatesville City Manager James Logan.


Sonia Huntzinger and James Logan hold up a map that targets exactly where revitalization will take place in the town of Coatesville. (FRAN MAYE / MEDIANEWS GROUP)

The $65 million project, which includes design, station and streetscape construction, Amtrak support and Amtrak track works, will result in a new station on Fleetwood Street, just east of the existing historic station building. The current building has been closed for more than 25 years. The original site is on a curve in the track that prevents the construction of ADA-accessible platforms and necessitated the change in location of the station.

The new accessible facility along Fleetwood Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues will include: 530-foot-long high-level (accessible) platforms with canopies and seating; Stair/elevator towers; An audio/visual sound system and security cameras; bicycle racks; Enlarged parking lot; and Accommodation for multimodal connections.

Located just east of the existing historic station on Third and Fleetwood, the new Coatesville Station project is scheduled for completion in 2025. Ground was broken in October 2021 to develop a station that provides ADA accessibility and improves overall function and amenities. The new facility will include high-level platforms with awnings and seating, stair and elevator towers, an audio-visual sound system and security cameras, bike racks, more parking spaces and housing for multimodal connections. Streetscape projects for Third and Fourth Avenues were completed in 2019 and 2020 to improve access from downtown Coatesville.

Wickersham Construction & Engineering is serving as the general contractor and Coatesville-based GA Vietri, Inc. is serving as the electrical contractor. The project is led by PennDOT with support from Coatesville RDA, City of Coatesville, and Chester County, with additional funding from the Federal Transit Administration.​​ Project details, updates, and images are available to the public at

Coatesville is home to 13,100 neighbors and is experiencing an economic and cultural revitalization that incorporates innovation, education and smart economic development, fueled by four opportunity zones and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit rooted in its historic past.

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