Brave bicycle store in Dallas’ Deep Ellum closes after four years


After four years of helping make Dallas a more sustainable place, Local Bicycle Business Hub, Deep Ellum’s bicycle store, decided it was time to close.

Owner Kristie Holt has confirmed that the store will close in December, exactly four years after it opened in December 2015.

“I opened Local Hub because of my passion to get more people to ride and to make Dallas a better city for biking,” says Holt. “I am proud of what we have accomplished and the continued positive impact it has had on Dallas.”

Local Hub has truly been a true community enterprise that has enabled thousands of people to ride their bikes and helped make Dallas a more bike-friendly city, against the odds of a population that often seems reluctant to use it. idea of ​​an alternative means of transport.

“The bicycle industry is tumultuous and we just haven’t been profitable enough to make it sustainable,” said Holt.

One of the main factors affecting the survival of Local Hub was the bike-sharing phenomenon that entered Dallas in 2017.

“Sharing bikes really hurt us,” she says. “We were actually growing, but once they got there we saw our business drop by 40%. And despite the fact that the self-service bike has disappeared, we have never picked up our customers. “

Dallas remains a work in progress when it comes to sustainability issues, with many still entrenched in a car-centric mindset – a mindset that can be seen in their thankless, infuriating, and tiny reactions to alternative modes of transportation such as the sharing of bicycles and scooters, manifested in behaviors such as taking them apart and throwing them in the Trinity River.

“I can’t tell you that one thing caused it,” said Holt. “It was a combination of several things. I tried to make it work in any way I could, because I care about people and my community rides bikes.”

In the meantime, it’s sale sale sale, and everything must go.

Bikes in stock are 15 percent off. Accessories, parts and clothing are 25 percent off. Tools, accessories and furniture are billed accordingly.

They also have two Kona Rove Gravel rental bikes for sale, $ 650 each.

Discounts will become larger as their last day approaches, currently estimated at December 22, although it may be earlier, depending on what’s left. They also sell lighting fixtures, including shelves, computers, and display tables.

From December 2, they will change their schedules to go from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

From December 15, they will stop taking bikes for tune-up and repair work, although they will make quick repairs until their last day – “as long as we have tools and parts in the box. store, ”says Holt.

She has some of the things she’s most proud of, including building a bike-book for the Dallas Public Library.

“This allows the library to go out and organize events for people who would not otherwise have access,” she says. “We sold 16 bikes to the City of Austin for their Young Adult Mountain Bike Program. And we also helped a Dallas entrepreneur who donates bikes to the Dallas Police Department.”

“If we can make people’s days a little brighter, that’s what made me come here, knowing that we are making a difference,” she says.

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