Bikes offered for Christmas to 50 children in Hilton Head, SC

Santa has made an early delivery for 50 children on Hilton Head Island, said Knights of columbus member and parishioner of the Holy Family Frank Sheridan.

“They were pretty excited,” Sheridan said.

“Ironically, whether they were a 4 year old toddler receiving a big wheel, or a 12 year old, they all had the same level of ‘That’s good!’ “, did he declare.

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Lupe Jimenez, a knight of the Knights of Columbus, stands in the back of a van on Sunday, December 19, 2021 to deliver 50 bikes to children for Christmas on Hilton Head Island. Frank sheridan

Volunteers with the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic service organization, and parishioners from Holy family, a church on Hilton Head Island, loaded the bikes into vans around 7 a.m. on December 19, Sheridan said.

This is the second annual delivery for children aged 4 to 12 and is a big step forward from delivering around 20 bikes last year, he said. declared. Sheridan attributes this year’s success to being “more aggressive” in getting the word out about what they were doing.

“I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the support we received,” said Sheridan. “It’s not a big mystery: just get some children’s bikes for Christmas. ”

People were willing to donate lightly used bikes, Sheridan said, but the organization did not accept them.

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Frank Sheridan, Lupe Jimenez and Joe Mendon are standing with the bikes they’ve prepared for delivery to children on Hilton Head Island as an early Christmas present. Frank sheridan

“We thought it was important that every kid had a bike for Christmas, so the rule was that it had to be a new bike,” he said. “We received tremendous support from the whole community. ”

The “outpouring of generosity,” said Sheridan, was incredible to experience.

The only downside, he joked, was that his garage was overrun with bikes and he had trouble fitting the training wheels for the little ones.

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The bikes were stored in Sheridan’s garage until they were ready to be delivered to the children of Hilton Head Island as an early Christmas present. Frank sheridan

“It took more work than a regular two-wheeled bike,” he said, quickly adding, “To see a little kid jump on that Ferris wheel and start trucking was worth it.”

This story was originally published 24 December 2021 3:34 pm.

Sofia Sanchez is a reporter for The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette. She reports on the crime and develops stories in Beaufort and its surroundings. Sofia is a Cuban-American journalist from Florida and graduated from Florida International University in 2020.

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