Bike shop misconceptions swept away by Cyclefit of Fenton


Fenton, MI – October 19, 2020
Ron Stack

Lasco Press reported on several LAFF Pathways initiative fundraising efforts. More recently, the 2020 Cider Cycle and the opening of the first phase of the Trail. We had the opportunity to meet Ron Stack, who is the Vice Chairman of the Board of LAFF Pathways. Ron also owns Cyclefit Inc., full-service bicycle and winter sports retailers with branches here in Fenton and Saginaw.

It makes sense that a bicycle shop owner is heavily involved in LAFF Pathways. The non-motorized trail that will connect the communities of Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton Township and Fenton is already heavily used by cyclists.

Conversation with a bicycle shop owner

Granted, I am not into bicycles, I had never even been to a bicycle store. My naive impression was that a small bicycle shop was too expensive a place to buy a bicycle. So my first question to Ron was, “Why should I come to your place to buy a bike instead of going to the ‘big box discount store?’

Cyclefit bike shop / Lasco press photo

Ron’s face lit up, “That’s a great question, and I want everyone to know the answer.” He went on to explain that my impression was not uncommon. However, to think that you will end up paying more in a small bicycle store is a misconception that is far from the truth. “We sell new bikes at the same price as discount stores” Ron said.

If you are looking for a stylish professional road racing bike, so that you can join the Tour de France, Ron sells them. And yes, they are very expensive. Specific models such as specialized frames designed for mountain bikes or lightweight bikes designed specifically for competitive triathletes can also be found at Ron’s Cycle Fit Shop.

But, if you don’t need the exotic and just want a family ride on a bright fall afternoon, a visit to Cyclefit at 1006 North Leroy Street in Fenton won’t cost more than a stop at the “big box”.

Mural on the side wall of Cyclefit / Lasco Press Photo

Service, service, service

Ron is quick to point out that there is a second answer to the question of why to choose the bike shop. Each bicycle must be assembled before being presented for sale. Do you want your bike assembled by a minimum wage worker with an adjustable wrench? Or would you prefer that a professional bicycle technician install all the parts with the assurance of a good seal and a job well done?

Consider this, after the break-in period and the connections need adjustment and retightening, will the big box store provide this service. Cyclefit does this for free on the bikes they sell.

Cyclefit Workshop / Lasco Press Photo

Quality bikes and snowboards, Lickety-Split service and no snobbery

It only takes a few minutes for the Cyclefit store to realize they mean it when they say “Quality bikes and snowboards, impeccable service and no snobbery!” Visiting the store was not the scary experience I expected. My other misconceptions quickly dissipated.

  • A wide variety of prices, sales, promotions, discounts and closeouts.
  • Second-hand bikes, children’s bikes, they even accept exchanges.
  • A wide choice, grandmother’s tricycle, beachcombers for men and women, hi-tech.
  • Accessories, not just pedals and grips, specialized equipment and clothing.
  • Friendly and welcoming, snobs-not at all, really helpful, even for a novice like me.
Bike accessories at Cyclefit / Lasco Press Photo

Dave D., Matt C., Bethany M., Tom C., Rebecca S., Ron says his team is the best. Find out for yourself, visit the store, even if it’s just to walk around and see the cool stuff they have to offer.

Cyclefit bikes / Lasco press photos

Oh yeah, snowboarding season is around the corner. Also find out about Cyclefit’s winter activities.

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