Bike pub party bikes return to downtown Cape Coral


A new way to party on the go has made its way to Cape Coral.

Cycle Go will begin taking reservations on March 26.

“It’s like a bike party, and it’s a 16-passenger bike piloted by our staff,” says Kelly LaMagna, co-owner of Cycle Companies Cape Coral. “It’s a great way to bring new people to visit businesses in downtown Cape Coral.”

The bike can accommodate up to 14 people. A designated rider drives and is powered primarily by patrons pedaling with their feet while enjoying their drinks.

If runners want to take a break, a hidden motor takes over, according to a press release.

“Cycle companies appoint a pilot. They will steer the bike, control the bike, brake. Determine where the bike will go. All customers have to do is pedal when we tell them to pedal,” LaMagna said.

Riders choose different stops, depending on the type of adventure they want to experience. For more information on rules, tours and prices, Click here. You can also call (800) 956-6212.

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