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For the publisher,

Re: The city is shortening the cycle paths planned on Albert Street on December 1.

I would like to express my gratitude to the city councilors and staff who worked on the creation of bike lanes in Nanaimo. Over time, it becomes increasingly clear that our political priorities, even at the municipal level, must move forward with regard to transportation decisions and their climate and environmental impacts.

This is clearly the time to encourage walking and cycling rather than driving cars and trucks. Yes, cycle paths cost money, but much less than a large free parking lot and the creation and maintenance of roads.

Creating decent cycle lanes not only ‘accommodates the 1%’, but in fact welcomes 100% of humanity (not to mention other living things) by making our roads safer and less polluting, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing noise, among others. advantages.

It is hard to believe, in this time of climate crisis and its obviously disastrous consequences, that our leaders are actually putting free street parking before bike lanes. Thank goodness for those in key decision-making positions who champion wise progress, and may others join us soon.

Graham Shuley, Nanaimo

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