ABCs of cycling in Dhaka

Think of your bike as your steel horse and your horses. A bicycle will remain in good condition if it is used and maintained regularly. Leaving it in a corner will reduce its performance. The maintenance cost is not very high, and most of the small problems can be solved by yourself with the help of simple tools.
“If you have a repair kit, tire iron, Allen wrenches, pliers, chain cutter and pump, you can handle simple problems yourself”, added Sakiul Islam Antor. However, complex issues which include brake mechanisms and the like should not be handled and dealt with by professionals.

Photo: Riders71


Photo: Riders71

Or buy?
There are a number of places where you can buy a bicycle in Dhaka. Gulshan Link Road, Tejturi Bazar, Mirpur – all of these places offer a number of bicycle shops. But “Bangshal Cycle Market” is where you should consider visiting. It is the largest bicycle market in Dhaka and you will have a myriad of options, not only in terms of bikes but also shopping. And it’s always good to have options.
“The bicycle market is very dependent on imports and it is in Bangshal that most importers are located,” recalled Md Jubair Ahmed of Golden Wheel BD who are themselves importers. You will also find all the accessories and tools you need for maintenance at Bangshal.
Cyclist Café, BD Bikeshop, Cycle Surgery are some of the well-known shops in Dhaka which will also carry the accessories.

Life behind bars
It’s easy to get addicted to cycling once you start. Learning to ride a bike doesn’t take long and it’s even easier in adulthood. Once you have started cycling, you may want to consider a cycling tour with your friends and family. Bosila, Keraniganj, Mawa Road, Green Model City, Amulia Model City, a number of places in Mirpur – these are the best roads for biking around Dhaka.
You should consider joining a cycling community as they have regular weekly events and it’s a great way to hang out, make friends and rejuvenate. You can easily find your local cycling community through Facebook.
BD Cyclist, Riders71, North Dhaka Cyclist, South Dhaka Cyclist, Family Cyclist are some of the active groups and it is perhaps worth mentioning that they are very welcoming.
Remember, cycling can be a time-saver. Always avoid driving recklessly to save time. A bicycle is the lightest vehicle on the streets and in the event of an accident the cyclist is the most likely to be injured. So stay safe, drive safely and always wear your helmet.

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