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“5 Questions With…” is a weekly series from BioBuzz where we reach out to interesting people to share a bit about themselves, their work, and maybe something completely independent. This week we welcome ours Laura Frewwho celebrates his 3 years as a scientific recruiter at Labor genetics.

Workforce Genetics is a research-based life sciences company trusted by growth-stage biotechnology companies and venture capital firms to attract and recruit the best talent they need to grow their business and bring their technologies to life. to patients. It also happens to be the parent company of BioBuzz Media. Laura was one of the company’s first recruiters and has since built a great career and a reputation for delivering exceptional candidate experiences.

1) Please introduce yourself to our audience by discussing your education, training and career.

My passion has always been to help others. Some say I have a “bleeding heart”. I wanted to be a doctor, but I realized I was not good at blood. I was introduced to the field of psychology and soon realized that if I can’t help people physically, I can help them mentally. For me, I thought it was the fastest way to be able to help people. After accumulating education and being a therapist for several years, I quickly found my calling in business.

After leaving the mental health field, I thought I had found my calling as an expert in insurance sales. I have seen families struggle to make ends meet when a primary breadwinner has passed away and left no way to help the family he left behind. So I made it my mission to talk to as many people about this need and train others to have the same passion for helping as I do. But it took a long time (working well over 60 hours a week), and with coming home to medical school and being pregnant, I wanted to have a job that didn’t take me away from my family so much.

I continued in insurance sales until my firstborn started daycare. It was around this time that my brother-in-law said I should try recruiting, and now 3 years later I’m happy as a clam as I work from home and see my kids throughout throughout the day.

Having a Bachelor’s degree and a double Master’s degree in psychology in addition to my previous experiences as a therapist and an insurance professional have collectively equipped me with very favorable skills to help my clients and candidates as a recruiter – a profession which consists above all to know people.

I see the candidates I work with as more than their CV and try to integrate a comprehensive approach to recruitment and find the job that best suits them. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from getting to know candidates better and helping them find a new job they love. It’s also very rewarding to be trusted as an extension of our clients, and I take great pride in helping them find candidates who are a fit for their business and who care about their mission.

2) You’ve been with Workforce Genetics for three years now. What excites you most about your field and what do you hope to accomplish in 2022 and beyond?

I love talking to interesting people every day and working with amazing companies fighting cancer, developing vaccines and saving lives. For me, nothing is more exciting than helping someone find their “dream job”!

For example, I can think of a few candidates I worked with in the last year who worked in a job that took them away from their families and offered no work/life balance – they were miserable. I vividly remember those moments when I announced that they had gotten the new job they were hoping for, and how very happy it made them to hear those words, knowing that their lives were on the verge to change. That has no price. That’s what excites me.

This year, I hope to increase my responsibilities with new clients and help foster our growth as we hire and train new recruiters. We plan to double in size, so there will be plenty of opportunities for me to achieve those goals.

3) You have worked with a number of job seekers over the years. What makes a candidate stand out among the crowd when it comes to landing a life science job?

When it comes to landing a life science job with me, candidates who can truly explain their “why” and engage with me in discussion beyond their resume and technical skills to show what excites them are the ones that really stand out. It really helps me better understand their soft skills and shows me that they understand that the relationship with me is more of a partnership than a transactional, one-sided engagement.

It’s not easy to apply and interview for jobs, but by partnering with me, I promise you’ll get full transparency and someone will work with you to determine what the best role is for you based on of the market and the direction you want. take your career. In return, I look for candidates who demonstrate the same transparency with me and are reactive because everything nowadays is time sensitive. When I look back on the past three years, it’s these candidate relationships that have resulted in the best placements and the most satisfied candidates.

4) Beyond work, what hobbies or things do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I used to do almost every sport recreationally, running, snowboarding, etc. I still love all of this, but I hurt my knees playing basketball, so now I really enjoy reading, doing low impact HIIT workouts after putting the kids to bed. , biking (with my kids in a bike rack in tow), walking, playing ball with my kids, etc. Do you see a trend? 😉.

I’m also a huge Harry Potter and Marvel fan, so when I get the chance, I’ll rewatch a movie and work to catch up to Spider-Man: No Way Home. This love of fiction is definitely something that I passed on to my children too!

5) If you could go out to dinner with anyone – living or dead, real or fictional, who would that person be and where would you go to dinner?

I was going out to eat sushi with my husband. The last time my husband and I had time to ourselves was in 2016, before my first son was born. My husband is my best friend and we like most of the same things and are 100% ourselves around each other. I am very lucky. He’s definitely my partner in crime (although rest assured, we haven’t committed any crime 😊).

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Sarah Ellinwood is the editor of BioBuzz. A scientist by training and a science communicator at heart, Sarah specializes in understanding, engaging and exciting complex concepts. She got her doctorate. in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a specialization in Infectious Disease Immunology from the University of Maryland and is passionate about all things scicomm, peer mentorship, and women in STEM.

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