5 Best-Kept Secrets to Losing Weight After 60, Says Trainer – Eat This, Not That

Many of my older clients tell me that it’s getting harder and harder not only to lose weight, but also to keep it off once you reach a certain age. This is because as we age, our metabolism is not as fast as before, and we lose lean muscle mass. However, it’s not too late to change things up and get in shape, whatever your age.

Key factors for weight loss include regular exercise and following a diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. In addition to eating healthy foods and being in a calorie deficit, you should challenge your body in other ways during your exercise routine, or at least increase calorie expenditure.

Many people over the age of 60 should focus on strength training regularly and embark on routine aerobic exercises. However, if you are already doing both of these things, here are five helpful tips that can help you continue to lose weight past 60. Read on to learn more, and then check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Tone Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Tim Liu, CSCS

As we continue to age, not only do we lose muscle mass, but also power and speed. One of the best workout tricks you can do is to incorporate power training into your regimen. This means adding exercises that use your type I muscle fibers.

Power training is a solid way to start a workout. In addition to improving your speed, the powerful movements help to stimulate your CNS (central nervous system) and will allow you to recruit more muscle fibers during your training, which will lead to greater calorie expenditure.

Some of my favorite drills include medicine ball drills, such as slams and chest passes. Add a few sets of 8-10 reps before your strength training.

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Tim Liu, CSCS

Cluster sets are a fun exercise technique you can sprinkle into your workout. It allows you to push your muscles harder and helps you recruit and use all of your muscle fibers.

To perform the cluster set, choose an exercise (preferably on a machine) and choose a rep goal (15-20 is a good range to start with). Pick a weight that’s hard (but safe) to complete about 8-10 reps and work your way through your set. Once you hit that rep range, rest for 15-20 seconds, then do as much as you can with good form, then repeat until you reach your rep goal.

gym cycling trainer
Tim Liu, CSCS

If you’re used to doing regular cardio, consider incorporating bike sprints into your routine. Sprints burn more calories and fat than steady state, and in less time too. Start with 15-20 second bursts, rest for 20-40 seconds, then repeat for 6-10 rounds.

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Tim Liu, CSCS

NEAT means thermogenesis without physical activity, which is basically energy used outside of our workouts and exercises (besides sleeping and eating). A good piece of calories burned comes from NEAT, so it’s important to get as much physical activity as possible during the day. Indeed, even if we train, but do not really move during the other hours of the day, we are considered sedentary. So stay active! Some examples of NEAT might be daily playtime with your pup (which is always something to look forward to), gardening, household chores on the to-do list, and just getting around as much as possible.

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trainer jump rope in home gym
Tim Liu, CSCS

Another way to increase your calorie burn is to perform light cardio activity during your rest period. You can ride an exercise bike, jump rope, brisk walk, or even perform bodyweight squats. If you do this throughout your workout, you’ll burn more fat.

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